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Differences between a Wood-Fired Oven and a Regular Oven

23 June 2021

Differences between a wood-fired oven and a regular oven

Cooking in the oven presents an opportunity to produce stunning culinary creations. Oven cooking is very versatile; there are few things you cannot cook in an oven.

There are three main types of ovens classified mainly by the heat source: gas or convection oven, electric and wood-fired oven. Each type serves the same purpose. However, all ovens are not made equal. They vary widely in scope, size and area of use. Although regular ovens are undoubtedly the go-to type used in homes today, there is a reason why wood-fired ovens are still in use, decades and centuries after they were first conceptualised.

What are the differences between regular wood-fired and regular ovens?


In this case, we are thinking beyond the kitchen. Both regular and wood-fired ovens can work well whether they are installed indoors or outdoors. The difference arises in the aesthetics. Wood-fired ranges have a rustic look, no matter their construction. Therefore, they fit very well in every setting. Unlike regular ovens, wood ovens have some character to their look, making them an excellent centrepiece for your entertainment area. Also try checking a pizza oven on gas for more options.

The only advantage regular ovens have over wood-fired in this instance is that they do not heat the room quite as dramatically. Those who choose to install a wood-fired range in their homes must consider the need for adequate ventilation.


Wood-fired pizza ovens give food a distinct, unmistakable flavour. For many people, this is the most crucial benefit of cooking with wood. The smoky overtones added to the meal make it more enjoyable by imparting an extra layer of interest to the dish. To keep it exciting, use different types of wood to attain varied smoke flavours.

The taste of the food comes from more than the smoke. It is also derived from how wood-fired ovens channel heat. By virtue of their design, using these ovens means utilising high temperatures to accomplish your food preparation.  As a result, you attain:

  • Better browning of the food, giving a deep caramelised flavour.
  • More moisture retention – natural juices do not have a chance to escape.
  • Better crusts on dishes like pizzas, pies and loaves of bread. The high quality is because high heat puffs the crust relatively quickly, making them crispy on the outside while leaving the inside soft.
  • Even heat distribution. Despite the high temperatures within the oven, heat is still dispersed evenly throughout by the heating mechanisms. Food gets a consistent texture throughout.

Cooking Time

Temperatures in wood-fired ovens can go up to 500 degrees celsius. For reference, that is hot enough to melt zinc. When you use so much heat for cooking, your food will be ready to serve much faster. The prospect of speedier meals can entice even a lazy cook to take a turn in the kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly

Fossil fuels are the most prominent pollutants in the world today. They are heavily relied upon for every aspect of modern living. Burning wood instead of using gas or electricity eliminates some of the demand for fossil fuels.

Healthier Cooking

Since food is cooked over a hot flame for a shorter period, fruits and vegetables retain their nutrients and antioxidants. That way, if you make a pizza, you get to keep all the stuff that’s good for you while you enjoy what would otherwise be considered an indulgence.


There is nothing quite like cooking over an open flame. The rustic nature of the apparatus constitutes a level of appreciation for the process that cannot be matched or replicated elsewhere.

Wood-fired ovens take cooking to a whole new dimension. Consider getting one for yourself today; be prepared to wow your family and friends with what you can produce.

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