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Blockchain stocks to know and Buy Now?

30 June 2021

Blockchain Stocks to Know

Amidst all that’s happening in the crypto world today, investors may consider looking at blockchain stocks. Chances are experienced and new investors already have an idea of blockchain’s current stocks. However, from the recent drop in price to the current hype around non-tangible funds (NFTs), investors continue to show renewed interest in cryptocurrency.

On a good day, the worth of blockchain’s stocks could arguably be among the most active stocks in the market. However, recent restriction from China are the reasons for the drop in the value of stocks but that can be solved when the miners find a new stable base.

If for anything, blockchain technology finds a way to gain momentum in the financial industry, you can expect the adopters of these techs to experience a rise in stocks. According to Bitcoin Code app, the latest adopters of tech eBay and Palantir have experienced a rise in the stock recently after they ventured into this line of tech.

eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) have opted to allow the sales of NFTs on its platform while Palantir (NYSE: PLTR) is contemplating holding bitcoin on its balance sheets. Even payment giants, PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) have granted users access to blockchain on its platform. With this recent development, blockchain appears to be the new and exciting investment for most of these brands, can any of these blockchain stocks be the next big stock investment?

Best Stocks to Buy Now? Blockchain to Know

Best Blockchain Stocks to buy


Marathon Digital Holdings (NASDAQ: MARA)

Riot Blockchain Inc. (NASDAQ: RIOT)

NVIDIA Corporation

NVIDIA are a California-based multinational tech company that specializes in designing graphics processing units and system-on-a-chip tech. However, NVIDIA offers specific GPUs designed for mining cryptocurrency. With the different products on offer from NVIDIA, NVDA stocks would be the perfect tech stock to invest your money in.

NVDA stocks do not look to be slowing down. The company is experiencing a high demand for its products in the gaming and crypto-mining market. Nvidia is not slowing down as they have announced a new line of products in form of its new wave gaming laptops to the collaborative efforts with Dell. They are waxing strong in production which is a strong indication that this could be the right time to cash in on their stocks.

Marathon Digital Holdings

Another top blockchain stock to note is Marathon Digital Holdings. Marathon is a blockchain tech company that mine cryptocurrency. Their focus of operation lies in the blockchain industry with the development of digital assets.

Currently, Marathon owns over 2000 advanced application-specific integrated unit in its flagship facility which has seen its MARA stocks rise over 4000% in the last year. Would this create more room for the company’s shares going forward?

Marathon Digital announced total revenue of $9.2 million for this third quarter which marks a year over year surge of over 1400%. Marathon also became the first North American Enterprise Bitcoin miner to adhere to anti-money laundering and the US Department of the treasury office of Foreign Asset Control’s standards. This adherence to the regulatory standards could booster investor sentiment towards MARA stocks or don’t you think so?

Riot Blockchain Inc

Riot Blockchain is another bitcoin mining company. They are constantly expanding and upgrading their mining operations. By doing so they’re aiming to become one of the largest low-cost bitcoin producers in North America. The success of its operations has seen its stocks rise over 1600% in the last year making them one of the best companies to invest in its stocks.


These are the best blockchain stocks to invest in as these company services continue to increase in value by the day. These are not the only stocks you can invest in but they’re the best due to the rapid increase in value.

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