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Architecture of Casinos Around the World

3 Jun 2021

Architecture of Casinos Around the World

Going to a casino is always a fascinating experience. For most punters, it is an occasion worth dressing up for. Some prefer to go down the ultra formal look by wearing tuxedos and ball gowns while others are more casual and will likely play at their favourite games in a jacket or shirt. Regardless of what you wear, you cannot help but admire the architecture of casinos from around the world.

Most casinos are gigantic buildings decked with the highest quality furniture and enough illumination to help a plane land. The building itself adds a sense of theatre to the visit which takes us back to my point of a casino visit being a monumental occasion.

Casinos Built Around the World Gjide

Over the years while there has been a shift in consumer attitude and more online casinos are popping up, brick and mortar stores will always hold a special place in the heart of the punter. Yes, online casinos such as 4rabet do provide a lot more games, welcome bonuses and might even have better payment options but you can’t take away the thrill of physically sitting at the blackjack table and engaging with the dealer.

So lets continue our discussion on these brick and mortar casinos and more specifically on their design. In this article we will highlight some of the best casinos in the world and what makes them special.

The Monte Carlo Casino

No list will be complete without the Monte Carlo Casino. For the sake of avoiding any confusion, we are referring the original Monte Carlo Casino (known by the locals as ‘Casino de Monte-Carlo). No prizes for guessing where the casino is based (not in Las Vegas), this is one of the oldest casinos in the world which opened its doors in 1859 – see

Upon first impressions, the casino is anything like the ones you see in Las Vegas. The neon signs are nowhere to be found and the casino looks more akin to a royal palace than a house of gambling. While the casino is a public company, the royal family of Monaco do own a large stake in the casino which somewhat explains its design.

The casino is also home to several big budget Hollywood movies with the most recent being the James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’. Infact, the author of the James Bond franchise, Ian Fleming used the image of the building to write his own description of the casino in his book that the said movie was based on.

Caesar’s Palace

Moving away from the glamour of Monaco and going into a city known for its gambling habits, we take a look at Caesar’s Palace. Las Vegas is known for having the most number of casinos in a city so it is a tall ask to stand out from the crowd. Caesar’s Palace does this with utmost ease and we will go as far as to say that it is that one casino in the city that leaves you completely breathless.

It sprawls across 15,000 square meters of gambling space and that does not include the shopping area of the spa facilities. Take away the modern technology that surrounds the casino and you will be fooled into thinking that you have arrived in ancient Rome, such is the attention to detail paid to its design. There is an abundance of marble in the casino and like ancient Rome it is littered with statues. Even the staff are dressed in ancient Roman battle armour to give you the authentic experience.

The Grand Lisboa

The last casino on our list is the Grand Lisboa which is based in Macau. A former Portuguese colony, Macao has been transformed into the playground of the super-rich. It attracts wealthy individuals from all across the world, individuals who are all too happy to display their wealth on the casino tables.

The casino itself is tall, 58 story structure that towers over every other building in Macau. If Las Vegas was considered the king of bling, then we are happy to report that the king has been dethroned. This casino is adorned with over one million LED lights located on the external dome of the tower. That alone is a world record!

The casino shouts of new money and the design is a testament to that. It has gone in the favour of a more modern look as opposed to a more classical or royal look adopted by the other casinos on the list. Regardless of the design ethos, it certainly does get your attention and attracts punters like moth to flame.

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