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Hotel Designing Ideas For 21st Century Guide

3 Jun 2021

People are now more discerning when it comes to the hotels and accommodations they stay in. Everyone opts for a comfortable stay and great accommodation. In an industry as competitive as the hotel industry, it can be quite the challenge for hotels to provide the level of service, comfort, and excellence that people want from them.

In the 21st century, hotels should be more invested into adding new improvements into their establishment. These improvements shouldn’t just focus on what can increase the level of their service, they should also make room for upgrades that focus on making the establishment look better.

Hotel Designing Ideas For 21st Century

Bring New And Creative Hotel Designing Ideas In 21st Century

Thinking outside the box is now the key design idea that many architects and interior designers use.

In this age where people love to post photos and reviews of the places they’ve been too, having great ambiance and decor, is also basically free marketing. Here’s how you can improve your hotel with some great ideas that will make your guests impressed and excited.

More Green

Guests appreciate having more green in hotels now. It’s a good break away from the urban jungle and city life. Aside from that, it’s also refreshing for guests to lounge and hang around in areas where there are plants and flowers that can help make every breath feel easy and relaxing.

If your hotel doesn’t have it yet, we suggest investing in a garden or a spot dedicated to greens only. This isn’t just an aesthetic addition to the hotel, it’s also good for PR. People love supporting companies who show their eco-friendly side so having a garden is a good step towards getting more support as well.

Digital Signages

Traditional signages are so 20th century and they are often best left for the front of your hotel. As for the hotel lobby, what you can do to spruce things up is use digital tech signages that can make your lobby standout and look even more impressive than it already is.

Digital signages are basically a means to add something simple yet outstanding to your lobby. It’s highly customizable too. You can put anything in it from words like “check-in now” to “welcome.” You can even have the logo and name of the hotel put on the signage so that it looks a lot prettier.

What’s great about digital signage is that they aren’t expensive either. You can improve a hotel lobby with digital signage without having to break the bank. Most importantly, you can have these installed and ready to go in just a few hours so there’s no need to shut down a part of the place for upgrades.

Memorable Restaurants

For most hotels, a restaurant is a basic necessity that’s there “just because.”  However, more and more hotels are making their restaurants into something more memorable as well. Investments are being poured into making the restaurants serve not just great food, but also a great dining experience as well.

In most cases, hotels put the restaurant in a good spot to make it more memorable. This can be on a roofdeck, or in a part of the hotel where the view is spectacular. People love dining in good locations as it helps improve the experience even further so never skip out on making the right investments for the restaurant.

Bathrooms With A View

To this day, one of the parts of a hotel room that guests are mostly critical about are the bathrooms. Your guests are going to want a clean and shiny bathroom of course but that’s not all. You should also consider giving them a bathroom with a great view as well.

Some hotels who are by the beach install massive windows in the bathroom. This gives guests a full view of the ocean and the sunrise or sunset whenever they head inside. It’s a welcomed addition to any hotel bathroom because it helps guests relax even further.

If your hotel isn’t by the bay, a good alternative would be to install spa-like features in the bathroom. These include scented candles, large bathtubs, and even in-bathroom music. While pricey, the investment is going to be worth it as your guests are going to be happy about the bathrooms in your hotel.

Highlight Local Artists

If you are looking to put up art pieces inside your hotel, then you might as well support the local community of artists in your area. Buy their works and install them around the hotel. The locals are going to appreciate it greatly as it’s a good way to highlight the local talent.

Hotel Designing Ideas For 21st Century

You can take things up a notch by putting up paintings of local artists in each of the rooms. In some hotels, they constantly change the artwork inside the hotel and try to put the spotlight on different artists each month. It’s a good idea to try this as well.

Supporting the local artists is also a good way to improve your PR with the local community.  Who knows, you might even discover some amazing new talent as well.

More Colors And Textures

A lot of hotels focus primarily on incorporating various patterns and designs in lobbies, hallways, and in rooms. However, the last couple of years have taught us that people prefer a minimalist approach to design and aesthetics. What that means is that you should probably be less heavy on the patterns.

Go for solid textures and colors. That’s what people love nowadays because it’s easier on the eyes and it’s simpler as well. Pick solid colors for the lobby, hallways, and other common areas. People also love blending light with dark colors so consider this as a good design choice too.

As for the rooms themselves, you can try to incorporate patterns and other intricate designs too but again, people prefer minimalist aesthetics.

Designing your hotel room this 2021 has never been more exciting. There are so many trends to follow and all of them can help you attract even more customers to your lobby. It’s not just about standing out too. It’s about leaving a good impression on your customers as well.

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