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The Advantage of a Fiberglass Conduit System for Fiber Optics

Oct 12, 2020

Interconnected communications provide us with a wide range of possibilities we’ve never had before. The technological boom has allowed people from all corners of the globe to communicate with ease. This wouldn’t be able to happen as effectively without the use of aerial and submarine cables.

These methods are quite expensive, but some options are more cost-effective. Epoxy fiberglass is an alternative to the older systems, providing a range of positive points that aren’t available to the other methods.

Advantage of fiberglass conduit system for fiber optics
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Multifaceted Underwater Conduits

In basic terms, an underwater conduit is metal or plastic piping that’s filled with wire. The underwater conduit system with the lowest installation cost can be found online. Some conduits are rigid and others flexible, depending on their usage.

Fiber optics plays a role in high-performance data transmission over long distances. It allows for transmitting data and information through light pulses in a glass or plastic tube, also referred to as fiber.

Advantages of Underwater Conduit Systems – Epoxy Fiberglass

One of the main reasons this system works better than its above-ground counterparts is that you can install it year-round. These underwater structures aren’t affected by environmental factors, meaning there are no unnecessary stoppages caused due to weather conditions.

They also provide a cheaper choice as they don’t require suspension systems or extensive digging to keep them away from animals or people. They are also much easier to install, reducing the cost of potential liabilities.

The corrosion that occurs from cables that you install underwater can lead to extensive maintenance and losses due to malfunctioning. These UCS avoid this by being corrosive free, reducing stoppages. Since they get placed underwater, they also don’t affect an area’s aesthetic negatively with unsightly cables.

As these cables are submerged, they mustn’t interact with the saltwater to create harmful chemicals. This epoxy fiberglass contains no chlorine, halogen, or toxic substances, making them safe to use in the ocean.

Perfect for Fiber

Based on the features of epoxy fiberglass, its usages make perfect sense for fiber optics. For it to work optimally, the submarine communications cable is placed under the ocean at a depth of over 8,000 meters, as tall as Mount Everest.

The installation process of fiber optics is a slow and expensive one. This is where epoxy fiberglass provides its advantages. It offers flexibility at a relatively low installation cost. It also allows for year-round installation and is made of materials that can survive in seawater and stay free of corrosion.

As for using the UCS, it’s valuable in terms of being able to install fiber year-round. This is important as telecommunications can’t be off for too long during maintenance. Fiber wire can’t be repaired in the conventional sense and needs to be spiced.

This means that the damaged area gets removed and spiced together with the remaining wire. The two main types are fusion splicing and mechanical splicing. The former requires expensive tools and technical training to be fixed, whereas the latter involves aligning fiber cores and can lead to higher losses if not done correctly.

All these points show how effective epoxy fiberglass could be in the use of optical fiber installation. It might take some time for real cost-effectiveness to become apparent, but it could prove to be the wiser choice down the road.

fiberglass conduit system for fiber optics
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Advantage of fiberglass conduit system for fiber optics conclusion

In the world of telecommunications, something you want to avoid is unnecessary stoppages. Not only does it cost more, but it leads to frustration by users and installers alike. Using the most reliable conduit system possible ensures a smooth operation.

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