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7 Ways to Make Your Commercial Building Safer

13 July 2021

7 ways to make your commercial building safer

For every business, the safety of its employees and clients is paramount, and depending on your locality, there are measures put in place by the government and local authorities to ensure that commercial buildings’ safety regulations are adhered to.

An unsafe commercial area poses risks such as injuries, burglary, assault, slips, falls, legal repercussions, or even death to you, your clients, visitors, and employees. In this article, you’ll find actionable tips to help you improve and maintain your commercial building safety.

1.    Anti-slip flooring

This helps fix slippery floors, steps, stairs, walkways, and ladders to keep your customers, employees, and visitors safe from slips and falls that can result in death and injuries. Step on Safety provides anti-slip solutions suitable for wood, metal, stone, concrete, and brick surfaces.

From the wide range of anti-flooring solutions, it’s advisable to choose slip-resistant Flat Plate on large floor areas, Stair Tread covers or Nosing on staircases, and narrow Anti-Slip Grip Strips on decking and footpaths to avoid falls.

2.    Adhering to safety rules and regulations

Each country and locality has practices and measures put in place to control safety in commercial buildings. Observing the rules and regulations within your jurisdiction will help you keep commercial safety repercussions at bay.

3.    Put in place fire safety measures

It’s the legal responsibility of every employer to ensure that their organization is mindful of fire safety regulations. The following workplace safety tips will help you reduce risks and deaths that a fire can cause:

  • Install fire detection systems and alarms
  • Appoint a fire warden
  • Make fire escape routes
  • Train your employees on fire safety
  • Install emergency lighting
  • Have fire safety signs in place

4.    Security cameras installation

To effectively monitor security within your commercial building, strategically install CCTV cameras for maximum surveillance of each area to help keep away criminals. In the event of criminal break-ins, the footage helps track and identify them.

  1. Use motion sensor detectors

Motion light sensors are technologically built to trigger a response when they detect motion. You can install them on doors, ceilings, and the exterior of your commercial building to keep it safe from intruders. You can also install these sensors in your emergency and security lights.

6.    GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) fencing

Invest in GRP fencing, a high-quality alternative to steel and unappealing to scrap metal thieves as it has no recycling value. Other benefits of GRP fencing are:

  • Their non-conductive, inert, and non-sparking nature makes them suitable for electrically hazardous areas.
  • High corrosion resistance fit for extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy to fabricate.
  • Low maintenance costs.

7.    Hire reputable architects

When building a commercial property, you want to contract the services of well-trained and experienced architects who follow due guidelines and procedures. This helps to ensure that your commercial building is free from the risk of collapse, making it safe for your clients and employees.

7 ways to make your commercial building safer – Endnote

It’s essential to put the safety of your workers and customers above everything else. Apply the tips above to ensure that your commercial buildings are safer for use.

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