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7 Tips To Improve Your Home Office Productivity

13 Sep 2021

As per research conducted by My Decorative, people who work from home have done more work per day compared to the amount they would be able to finish if there was an office environment. One of the reasons for such statistics could be that at the office, employees hardly get a chance to build an environment as per their needs, whereas at home, they may experience more freedom to create their preferred look or feel. Also, many prefer working in a peaceful and quiet environment.

7 Tips To Improve Your Home Office Productivity

7 Tips To Improve Home Office Productivity

So, here are a few tips to improve your home office productivity:

  1. Choose A Quiet Corner

Many people may get distracted while working in a noisy or crowded environment. Also, when you choose a room that is quiet and peaceful, you will have nothing to get distracted by, and you can put your entire focus on the office work. So, to create your home office, find a place that does not coincide with play spaces or is away from the rooms which have noisy distractions like television or music systems. If it’s difficult for you to find such a place, then you must at least try arranging a separate room with a door for your home office.

  1. Organize Your Desk

You would not want to get distracted by the pile of papers or a couple of pens lying all around. So, try decluttering your desk by removing all the not-so-essential documents, files, stationeries, or cups of coffee and tea. Doing so will allow you space to think and work with concentration. You can also keep some sticky notes around in case you need to pen down any essentials.

  1. Get Some Plants

To get a break from continuous screen exposure, you can add some plants at your desk or on the floor. This will add an essence of fresh air to your workspace plus enhance the aesthetics of the room. Or, if you face difficulty maintaining the plants, you could set your desk near a window that offers green views.

  1. Make Yourself Comfortable

You would want to feel comfortable amidst such long working hours. You must invest in a well-designed office furniture and must sit in an erect posture. You could also try a standing chair if you feel uncomfortable sitting for long hours. An anti-glare screen helps you focus better on the screen. You can try using that too. There are many things that you can do as per your preference to add to your comfort. For example, you can add scented candles to add to the aura, or you can use computer glasses.

  1. Avoid Getting Distracted By People

It might sound rude, but you must get a little tough with those who try to disturb you during your working hours. You must not make yourself available to them during your office timings. Whether it’s your neighbor, a friend, or your relative, explain to them politely your work ethics and ask them to reach out to you after you are done working. If you don’t do so, they may not realize how their actions may hamper your productivity.

  1. Get Ready Well Before Sitting For Work

It is quite common for people at their home office to wake up in their casuals and sit in front of their screens with a coffee mug. But that’s unproductive of them. This would keep them lazy the entire day. Rather, you must take a shower, get dressed up, and sit just as usual for your work.

  1. Make A To-Do List

One of the most effective ways to get all your important stuff done on time is to prepare a to-do list wherein you pen down all the tasks that you are supposed to finish along with their deadlines.

Little actions can help you create a productive home office environment. One essential thing is to keep yourself comfortable and hydrated while working.

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