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5 Hacks to Build DIY Furniture At Home

31 Aug 2021

5 hacks to build DIY furniture at home guide

Pandemic lockdowns have led many to take a look around the place they spend their time the most: their home. People are making a statement by redesigning their houses and by redecorating their furniture and storage components.

Homeowners are restyling their furniture with some simple hacks to give them a fresh look and to suit their evolving needs. Hacks could range from simply giving the old furniture a new look to repurposing them for completely different use. Here are five popular hacks for you to explore in the comfort of your own homes:

Old Chairs into French-Style Benches

Wooden chairs tend to get wobbly over a period of time. However, you can easily reuse them as a French-style bench to be placed at the foot of your bed or in your garden. Combine two chairs by removing the front leg and seat and fit in a rectangular box in between. Just use leveling feet to make sure they are mounted correctly. Give the piece a good polish and you have classy French-style furniture without spending a fortune.

Old Doors into Picture Frames

Repurpose those old doors lying in a corner in your garage into something classy. You can convert an old door with glass panes into an eye-catching wall decoration. All you have to do is add some spray paint or decorate it with printed fabric and get some family pictures taped to the back of the door and your new picture frame ready. Even window frames work just fine.

Wall Hooks As Shoe Hangers

You can hang almost anything on a sturdy hook – even your shoes! A practical way to store your shoes will be to hang them on wall hooks. Arranging the wall hooks in an artsy manner can make not just your walls look beautiful, but would also prove handy to look at and pick up the shoes on the go.

Bunk Bed into a Coat Rack

It is both a sad and happy feeling to see children outgrowing their things, especially their beds. If your child has outgrown their bunk bed, you can remove the bed frame and transform it into a farmhouse-style coat rack. This will add an elegant look, and also prevent clothes from being strewn around or dumped inside the cupboard.

Old or Unused Dresser into a Bench

When drawers are not so smooth anymore or the color is faded, dressers can become an eyesore. Give a new look to these old dressers by recycling them into a bench. All you have to do is remove the top part and toss some cozy cushions over and you have a bench that can be placed by the window or anywhere you want. Get ready to enjoy the view with a hot beverage or even sit down with a book.

Whether to improve the value of your house or just out of plain boredom, find the time and resources to invest in redesigning and innovating your home. Ignite your creativity and upcycle your old furniture. Happy restyling!

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The Plus Furniture Factory, Magnor, Norway, northern Europe
Architects: BIG
The Plus Furniture Factory Magnor Norway
image © Lucian R
The Plus Furniture Factory, Magnor

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