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How To Get Rid Of Old Furniture Advice

22 Jun 2022

Making your new house comfortable for you while also preparing existing residence for a new renter might be difficult. The added stress of having to cope with your other belongings that you no longer require might be daunting. To preserve important space, you should avoid relocating unnecessary stuff to your new house.That’s why, you should consider hiring furniture removalists in Launceston.

So, before you move, you must get rid of these materials. You’ll also save money on moving costs since you’ll be able to use a smaller vehicle. Here are a few ways to get rid of not in use and old furniture before the moving day.

How to get rid of old furniture

Moving? Here’s How To Get Rid Of Old Furniture Guide

  1. Hold a garage sale

Holding a garage sale is the most effective approach to lessen the amount of stuff you need to move while still making some money.

A garage sale is perfect when you have a lot of stuff to offer in addition to your old furniture. You will, however, need to commit time to meticulously preparing the event, publicising it, and making it enticing.

Separate the furniture pieces that you no longer require and clean them so that they appear presentable.

Prepare for a garage sale by gathering all of your no longer required household items, including furniture. After you’ve put everything up, you can publicise your garage sale on websites like OfferUp, Nextdoor, Craigslist, and LetGo.

To meet your Garage Sale goals, follow the steps below:

  • Pick a convenient time for your garage sale.
  • Make your event known.
  • Prepare your belongings and make your area secure and appealing.
  • Make a nice bargain for your customers.
  • Prepare to bargain.
  1. Donate items to relatives and friends

Take a photo of the items and share it to your friends and groups via email or other social media platforms.

There’s a decent possibility you’ll find someone who will value them. This technique does not make you money, but it does save you money on transportation. Furthermore, you won’t have to clutter your new home with unnecessary goods.

  1. Make use of Craigslist’s Free Stuff section

This strategy necessitates you going through the hardships of transporting your unwanted items to the street from your home. However, utilising Craigslist’s strength is arguably the quickest approach to get rid of the stuff you no longer use.

Many individuals are unaware that they may give away free products on Craigslist in addition to selling them. If you post your items on Craigslist’s “curb alert” or “free stuff” section, they’ll be gone before you know it.

  1. Take use of the Freecycle Network

The purpose of this movement is to allow members of their community to freely swap things. Check out your local freecycle. org organisation to see if you can donate furniture or other items you no longer need.

There’s a good chance that someone will fall in love with them and come to get them.

  1. Donate Unwanted Personal Property

If your furniture is in good shape, it may be donated to a variety of charities or even your local church.

Although most of these groups prefer light furnishings, your heavy furniture may be accepted. Calling any of the groups mentioned below to see if they can accept your furniture donations is a great idea.

  1. Transport it to the Landfill

When all of the previous approaches have failed to produce favourable results, it’s time to take your old furniture yourself to the garbage.

If you don’t have a vehicle capable of carrying the furniture to the dump, you can hire a service for furniture removal in Tasmania to assist you.


You’ve probably discovered that getting rid of your bulky furniture isn’t going to be as simple as you imagined. That is why you should not wait until the last minute to start selling or donating the items you no longer require.

For further information, ask your neighbours or contact the trash management business. When all other choices have failed, transport your old furniture to a landfill in an ecologically responsible manner.

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