3 ways to make your home unique tips

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3 ways to make your home unique

28 May 2021

Owning a readymade masterpiece in your home is a privilege that few can afford. But owning a masterpiece that’s entirely unique is something that even fewer are lucky enough to experience.

The great works of art are locked up in national galleries, or else they’re auctioned off for millions of pounds in plush auctioneers.

Yet there are many other opportunities to own something unique in your home, be it an artwork, a bespoke piece of furniture, or some other knick-knack that screams luxury.

And unlike those auction houses that’ll bleed you dry, there are unique items that won’t leave you re-mortgaging your home.

To help you find an extraordinary slice of perfection, we’ve put together this list of companies that offer bespoke items made especially for you.

3 ways to make your home unique guide

  1. SM London

Handcrafted furniture made to your exact specifications doesn’t come cheap – but it also isn’t out of the average person’s price range.

All you need is a company that can give you a fair price. SM London, a British upholsterer and furniture maker, do exactly that, offering a vast range of items which can be crafted to fit your desires.

Every bespoke request – whether it’s for a sofa, bar stool, or coffee table – will be produced using your own designs or finishing materials. So you’ll have furniture that fits perfectly in your home.

  1. Fashion Formula

So many wallpaper designs feel impersonal, as though they were formulated by committee. Finding one that matches the ambience of the rest of your home can take eons, especially if you want your living space to look just so.

That’s why a site like Fashion Formula is so useful. This nifty website allows you to upload a design to be turned into wallpaper, meaning you can have whatever pattern you like – without being a slave to the whims of designers.

  1. Woolly Jones

Finding prints that are unique, of a high quality, and at an affordable price became a lot easier when Etsy was created.

Etsy is an online marketplace which plays host to thousands of designers and craftspeople, many of whom create one-off prints to sell on their store. Although the site started small, it’s since grown to include jewellery, bags, clothing, home decor, furniture and great works of art.

One of our personal favourites on the site is Woolly Jones, the alias of Scotland-based designer and artist Rebecca Jones, whose prints have regularly sold out on the site.

Her broad range of prints range from playful images of noodle bowls to serene abstract shapes and colours. In addition to her prints is a range of homeware, from coffee-infused coasters to miniature plant pots.

If you see anything on her shop you like, we recommend you crack open your wallet quickly – they sell out in no time at all.

That’s our list! What unique items do you cherish in your home? Or perhaps you prefer mass-produced material for its low price tag and efficiency? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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