2021 Portable Isolation Unit Architecture Competitionn, Architecture Contest News

Portable Isolation Unit Design Competition

23 Apr 2021

Portable Isolation Unit Architecture Competition News

Portable Isolation Unit

International Healthcare Design Competition

Portable Isolation Unit Architecture Competition


The world is battling against the newly discovered Coronavirus or COVID19 and many similar diseases spread through human contact are very contagious.

There had been a huge rise in the cases in India in April reaching around a total of 15 Million Positive and a death toll of around 181K.

Whereas worldwide toll reaches around 141 Million Positive and around 3.01 Million Deaths.

It is a viral disease causing respiratory illness. People with medical conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. are more likely to be in a serious condition due to COVID-19.

We all know that “Prevention is better than cure”. So the best way to control the virus is to know how to control its transmission.

Due to such an increase and contagiousness, there is a lot of shortage in hospital beds in the hotspots of such areas.

So we are looking for a portable and cost-effective solution for Isolation units that can be easily erected in the condition of emergency.


You have to design a portable isolation unit. There is no size restriction for the unit it can be the minimal size for a single patient with all medical requirements.

The unit will be used for the patients in mild to normal conditions, suffering from any contagious disease which transfers through the human contact.

  • It should be Cost-Effective.

Participants have to calculate a tentative budget for a single unit and should show them on the submission.

  • It should be modular in design.

Such that many units combined can work as a single unit

Easily produced on a large scale in case of emergency

  • Plug n Play

Units should be easily dismantled or removed whenever required.

  • Materials

The use of innovative material is appreciated.

Portable Isolation Unit Design Competition

* Prize money is dependent on the registration of the total entries received which is then distributed based on total participation. A percentage allocation of the total amount is done as 30% of the total amount is given to the winning entry up to 850$ and 20% of the total amount is given to the runner-up entry up to 650$, 10% up to 250$ for both Qualifier Entries.


2021 Portable Isolation Unit Architectural Competition


Proposal to be presented on ONE LANDSCAPE ORIENTED A1 SHEET. TEAM CODE (UIC) to be mentioned on the TOP RIGHT-HAND CORNER of the sheet.

The proposal MUST NOT include ANY INFORMATION (Name, Organisation, School, etc.)  that may give away your identity.

All text must be in ENGLISH, with a MAXIMUM of 250 WORDS for project explanation.  The proposal may be presented using any technique of your choice (sketches,  diagrams,  3D  visualizations,  model photos,  CAD  drawings,  etc.). All dimensions should be an imperial or metric unit.

Every teammate detail in a pdf format will be submitted. Containing Name, Email id, Contact Details, Instagram Account (Optional) will be included in the submission folder.

*Participants Team code will be provided by Archue once you have completed registration

Process. The team code is your only UIC (Unique Identification Code). The team code will be mailed to your registered Email Address within 5 Days of registration.

In case of any delay, you can contact admin(at)archue.com

Submission will be mailed to [email protected] in a zip folder containing a jpeg file less than 5MB in size as mentioned in the competition schedule. The folder will be named as your UIC and jpeg also.


PORTABLE ISOLATION UNIT DESIGN COMPETITION aims to explore how the participants can design a portable unit to tackle the current crisis in the age of covid-19 and other contagious diseases cost-effectively and innovatively.

Use of intelligent and appropriate design interventions with clarity and comprehensibility of planning.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Durable
  • Modular

Out of box idea in designing offices for current scenarios will be a plus.

For Any Queries Let us know at [email protected].

Or you can also WhatsApp us at https://wa.me/917017968648

To register for Indian Nationals: https://rzp.io/l/POIUINDIA

To register for Foreign Nationals: https://rzp.io/l/POIU1

To download complete brief: https://app.box.com/s/gh4ot56a5rbihlo6spzb33xh17ywh73k


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