Tokin Sushi Bar, Argentinan Commercial Interior, South American Restaurant, Photography

Tokin Sushi Bar in Cordoba

Modern Interior Architecture Development in Argentina – design by Estudio Montevideo

3 Oct 2019

Tokin Sushi Bar

Architects: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Gallery “Muy Güemes” Córdoba, Argentina, South America

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

Estudio Montevideo designed the Tokin Sushi Bar, which invites you to participate in an experience where a small part of Tokyo is combined, fused with the cocktail bar and the nightlife of the heart of the nightlife of the city of Córdoba.

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

Upon entering the space you will receive a large Carrara marble bar where the assembly of sushi pieces and drinks coexist, making a large bottle rack as a backdrop.

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

In this space the high carrara tables and the sidewalks were designed to bring together people who enjoy oriental food but also want to have a drink and share with friends a relaxed and spontaneous moment. Above the space flies an intervention with hundreds of unique ceramic pieces, a work of art that is closely linked to paper figures so popular in culture.

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

The main hall is inspired by a Japanese tatami, with modular wooden walls and ceiling and a fabric simulating paper walls. It was thought of the experience within it, where diners usually sit on the floor, and a similar situation is recreated. Playing with the different levels is achieved that the table height is standard and that the user enters with the legs below it as in a kind of large drawer. This also generates that the tables do not have a defined number of cutlery, it depends on who uses it and how formal or informal the food is.

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

The atmosphere is finished recreating with the exclusively designed ceramic tableware, candles and music that make tokin a place to have a good time any day of the week. Relaxed, clean and friendly.

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

Tokin Sushi Bar, Córdoba – Building Information

Architecture Office Name: Estudio Montevideo

Architects authors of the work: Architect Gabriela Jagodnik, Architect Ramiro Veiga, Architect Marco Ferrari
Location (street, commune, city, country): Gallery “Muy Güemes” Córdoba, Argentina
Construction term year: 2019
Built surface: 75m2
Photographer / Website: Architect Gonzalo Viramonte

Other Participants: write relevant categories for the work, eg:
Construction: Gipe.arq
Design Team: Arch. Mateo Unamuno, Architect Eugenia Carrillo

Brands / Products
Floating wood floor / Indusparquet
Ceramic / Mukceramicas Tableware
Microcement / Ciment
Chairs / Pinkchair
Lamps / MagsDesign

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

Tokin Sushi Bar Cordoba

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

Tokin Sushi Bar in Cordoba images / information received 031019

Location: Gallery “Muy Güemes” Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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