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Tempo Almafuerte in Buenos Aires

23 Nov 2022

Architecture: also architecture

Location: Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Tempo Almafuerte Province of Buenos Aires

Photos: Gonzalo Viramonte

Tempo Almafuerte, Argentina

Tempo “Relative speed with which the action happens”

Tempo Almafuerte Buenos Aires Argentina

It is an intervention for a school in a precarious environment, inserted in the Buenos Aires suburbs. The 9 de Abril neighborhood in the province of Buenos Aires.

Tempo Almafuerte Province of Buenos Aires

The order is made by the family that manages the school, for which it requires us to provide a solution for access to some classrooms on the upper level. Although the requirement was a ladder; the access point and relationship with the main courtyard of all levels of the school, triggered multiple opportunities for us.

Tempo Almafuerte Buenos Aires Argentina

It is decided to provide a solution through a ramp, through which, during its journey, it provides possible relationships with level 0.0, which we will call square.

Tempo Almafuerte Province of Buenos Aires

Tempo Almafuerte Province of Buenos Aires

The classrooms that are accessed are of initial level and therefore this aspect seemed essential to us to be able to generate intermediate situations of appropriation of the route.

Tempo Almafuerte Buenos Aires

As we cross the route we find slides and viewpoints. The ramp responds to the daily activity of connecting two specific points, but it is also related to eventualities such as school events. The ramp revolves around a deciduous tree, which also participates as an educator of the seasons of the year.

Tempo Almafuerte Buenos Aires

The square is resolved in the form of rings that surround the tree in its center and that to finish shaping the appropriation by the kids who attend the school, some multipurpose benches were added using topographical resources.
The ramp is resolved in concrete with an inverted beam towards the interior and more open towards the exterior. The chromatic scale in blue tones and pink accompany the sense of integration of gender and cultural diversity.

Tempo Almafuerte Buenos Aires

Tempo Almafuerte in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Building Information

Architects: also architecture – http://www.ademasarquitectura.com/

Instagram: @ademasarq
Contact email: [email protected]
Office Country: Argentina

Tempo Almafuerte Buenos Aires

Construction completion year: in process
Constructed area: 143 m2
Location: Dr. E. Restelli 1555, B1839CJS 9 de Abril, Province of Buenos Aires

Architects in charge: arq. Leandro A. Gallo
Design Team: arch. Maximo Bertoia, arch. Ignacio Bubis, arch. Emiliano Granzella
Clients: Almafuerte Institute

Tempo Almafuerte Buenos Aires Argentina

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte – https://www.facebook.com/gonzaloviramonte

E-mail of Photographer: [email protected]

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Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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