Rugapampa Lofts, San Antonio de Arredondo, Argentina Roof Terrace and Pool Project, South American Architecture Photos

Rugapampa Lofts in San Antonio de Arredondo

8 Jun 2022

Architects: Studio Mutaa

Location: San Antonio de Arredondo, Cordoba, Argentina, South America

Rugapampa Lofts San Antonio de Arredondo

Photos: Gonzalo Viramonte

Rugapampa Lofts, Argentina

The Lofts Rugapampa building is located in Córdoba hills, in San Antonio de Arredondo town.
It is composed by two mirrored Lofts, which make up a single and compact volume, in order to achieve the least impact in its implementation on the land.

Rugapampa Lofts San Antonio de Arredondo

For its materialization, the Steel Framing construction system was used to reduce the time of execution, to improve energy comfort, to optimize materials minimizing construction waste, and to reduce water consumption.

Rugapampa Lofts Cordoba Argentina

Rugapampa Lofts Cordoba Argentina

The sloping land allowed to position the building construction at the back and lower part of the parcel to avoid that the final level of it does not exceed the nearby houses. In this Way, the main views are oriented to the northewest and to the pools; and connected with them through a solarium deck which was thought as a link between the interior and exterior. From the mezzanine, the windows have direct views to the hills and to the San Antonio River.

Rugapampa Lofts Cordoba

The sloping roof allows the correct hight to generate the mezzanine. Each Loft has a total area of 55m2. The 40 sqm first floor contains the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen has a movil bar/table that can be used creating the dining room. The 15m2 mezzanine can be used as a bedroom.

Rugapampa Lofts Cordoba

The water tank is in a 3 level volume back to the building: the warehouse is on the first floor, the storage is on the second floor and the water tank on the third floor. The 90m2 exterior deck surround the building, each Loft has a deck area of 45m2.

Rugapampa Lofts Cordoba

The big windows on the first floor are oriented to the northwest. During the winter, solar radiation falls into interior spaces conditioning them. However in the summer, the eaves protect the indoor environment from solar radiation, keeping the spaces cold.
The windows in all the building are strategically located in favor of the cross ventilation and thermal confort.

Rugapampa Lofts Cordoba

The use of the Steel Framing System for the design and building executions was based on energy efficiency and reduction of construction time. The structure is composed by metal, steel and different layers and insulations. It makes the construction thermically and acoustically efficient, minimizing the use of conditioning systems in the future and improving the acoustic of spaces.

Rugapampa Lofts San Antonio de Arredondo

The combination of materials as sheet metal and siding were thought as a aesthetic and durable solution. White walls and wood paneling indoor make the spaces bigger and warmer.

Rugapampa Lofts San Antonio de Arredondo

Rugapampa Lofts San Antonio de Arredondo

Rugapampa Lofts in San Antonio de Arredondo, Argentina – Building Information

Dessign: Studio Mutaa –
Contact email: [email protected]

Project Name: RUGAPAMPA

Construction completion year: 2022
Constructed area: 110 sqm
Location: San Antonio de Arredondo, Cordoba, Argentina

Rugapampa Lofts Cordoba

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

Rugapampa Lofts, San Antonio de Arredondo images / information received 080622

Location: San Antonio de Arredondo, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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