Lula’s Loft, Buenos Aires Interior

Lula’s Loft, Buenos Aires Apartment Development, Argentinan Architecture Images

Lula’s Loft in Buenos Aires

9 Dec 2020

Lula’s Loft

Architecture: además arquitectura

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lula's Loft Buenos Aires

The reform was based mainly on an enhancement of certain pre-existing decisions.

Lula's Loft Buenos Aires

It is a typical Buenos Aires town house located in the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires that served as offices and was redefined for domestic use.

Lula's Loft Buenos Aires

Lula’s Loft users are a young model and her pets.

Materiality was the determining element in order of relevance. The imprint would be resolved around the metal profile, in black.

You enter through a hall, which leads to an interior patio of intimate dimensions.

Lula's Loft Buenos Aires

In double height the dining room that ventilates towards the front and that connects with the living room towards the opposite front, on which the master bedroom balconies and below the kitchen that ends up closing all the public space of the PH.

Upstairs is the master bedroom, with dressing room and private bathroom, below the dressing room, a second bedroom with private bathroom.

Lula's Loft Buenos Aires Lula's Loft Buenos Aires

All the main premises are directly related to the patio, which ends up being the most relevant element of the whole complex.

Black and white predominate and make up the entire interior envelope.

The idea was to treat the entire complex as a neutral, white and pure space, drawing it with Black lines that serve as a domestic scale. Working with details in bronze and wood were significant in taming the space.

Lula's Loft Buenos Aires Lula's Loft Buenos Aires

Lula’s Loft in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Building Information

Design: además arquitectura

Construction completion year: 2020
Constructed area: 193 sqm
Location: Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Architect in Charge: arq. Leandro A. Gallo
Design Team: Arq. Florencia Speroni, arq. Máximo Bertoia, Ignacio Bubis, Emiliano Granzela
Clients: Lula

Lula's Loft Buenos Aires

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte

Lula’s Loft, Buenos Aires images / information received 091220

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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