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GD House in Cordoba, Argentina

8 Feb 2020

Costanera Offices

Architects: FLV Arquitectura

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

GD House Hordoba Argentina

Photos: Gonzalo Viramonte

GD House is located in an open residential neighborhood, in the peripheral area of the city, which is characterized by its large lands surrounded by vegetation. This lot participates in a group of three adjoining lots that groups a single vehicular entry from the street, which led FLV Arquitectura to the search for a home that incorporate the exterior landscape into the intimacy of its interior.

GD House Hordoba Argentina

One of the initial requirements of this home is determined by the client’s passion for landscaping. FLV Arquitectura took the idea of generating three ways to incorporate the vegetation into the architecture. In the first instance, the perimeter was left with its native vegetation, in the search for a friendly integration with its surroundings. In this perspective you can spot a rustic stone skin with two wide openings that allow you to see a central courtyard surrounded by the house.

GD House Hordoba Argentina

This central courtyard raises a more intimate pedestrian route through a pergola and a gallery, that work as a sunlight filter, depending on the use required.

Finally, two completely glazed internal courtyards were proposed to incorporate more vegetation inside the house, and in turn separate the different environments from a visual integration between them.

GD House Hordoba Argentina

The house is L-shaped on a single open concept floor, where an integrated kitchen is located through a bar to the dining room and it opens to the gallery.

The livingroom becomes independent through the two inner courtyards and in turn is hierarchized giving it more height.

GD House Hordoba Argentina

GD House, Córdoba – Building Information

Architecture Office Name: FLV Arquitectura

Construction completion year: 2019
Constructed area: 230 sqm
Location: Córdoba Argentina
Architects in Charge: Ricardo Beltramo, Oscar Biassi
Design Team: Maria Cecilia Franco, Delfina López Villagra
Engineering: Mattiuz Lozano Structural Ascesors
Landscaping: Gloria Daghero

GD House Hordoba Argentina

Photographer: Architect Gonzalo Viramonte

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Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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