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Castex House in Buenos Aires

Real Estate Development in Argentina – design by Estudio Abramzon

5 Sep 2019

Castex House in Argentina

Architects: Estudio Abramzon

Location: Buenos Aires, South America

Castex House Buenos Aires Castex House Buenos Aires

The Castex House building is located in a corner of the city, continuing with the urban fabric and the volumetry of the block, flush with the boundaries.

Castex House Buenos Aires

A draft was projected on the facade moving the structural concrete walls of the building on each floor, and causing a set of vertical planes in motion, with horizontal planes that highlight the levels of the building.

Castex House Buenos Aires

The predominant material is exposed concrete throughout the facade, together with the glass skin fronts in the corner. The withdrawal differs from the volume in revoked masonry.

Castex House Buenos Aires

The corner was released, generating a semi-covered access to the commercial retail in double height. This place occupies almost the entire corner, with large glass fronts. It also has a deposit in the basement and a mezzanine.

Castex House Buenos Aires Castex House Buenos Aires

The building has a ground floor and ten floors of housing. A set of full and empty spaces was projected at the corners of each floor, interspersing the windows with the concrete walls. This creates an interesting and dinamic facade.

Castex House Buenos Aires Castex House Buenos Aires

Castex House, Buenos Aires – Building Information

Architects: Estudio Abramzon

Site size: 162 sqm
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 11

Castex House Buenos Aires Castex House Buenos Aires

Photography: Fernando Schapochnik

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Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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