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Architecture Trends To Consider When Buying Homes For Sale In Tampa

Sep 6, 2022

Architecture Trends to consider when Buying Homes in Tampa

Architecture trends keep changing yearly and from generation to generation to meet humanity’s ever-changing needs. Building architecture is affected by different factors like the discovery of better construction materials, environmental factors, historical factors, and technological advancements. Architects try blending all these factors to create charming and perfectly comfortable homes. Thus, assessing a home’s architectural features is crucial before purchasing. With that in mind, here are five architecture trends to consider when buying homes for sale in Tampa:

5 Architecture Trends To Consider When Buying Homes For Sale In Tampa, Florida

  1. Smart homes

Smart home devices are becoming more popular in the United States. According to Digital Market Outlook, the number of smart homes is expected to rise to about 77.1 million by 2025. Technological advancement has made life easier and more enjoyable, so you’d want to jump in on the trend.

Automation technology and modern building techniques have led to homes with a new level of control. You can have complete control of your house, even remotely. Ideally, smart home devices are connected, and you can access them using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. For instance, smart lighting lets you switch off your home lights from as far away as your office or any other location or at a programmed hour. It saves electricity if you forget to switch off lights while leaving the house.

Likewise, an intelligent door enables you to lock or open your door remotely or, again, as programmed. Thus, you don’t have to leave your key under the doormat when expecting a visitor. A keyless system also saves you the embarrassment and hassle of losing keys and breaking the lock. It’s also a security measure, given that you’ll never have to stand for long at the front door when you arrive home at night.

Smart technology also allows the monitoring of indoor air quality and temperature which can be linked to the automation of windows, doors, and the system for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Essentially, smart technology is easier to incorporate into the architecture during the construction phase. This way, it’s much easier to get all the wires and sensors set up within the walls, ceilings, and floors.

It’d help to ask real estate agencies like Marimark Realty if the house you’re looking at is enabled by such technologies.

  1. Large windows

Large windows provide a clear view of the exterior, which makes your room feel connected to the outdoors. They enable you to enjoy nature from your comfort zone. Additionally, large windows are energy-efficient. They allow natural heating of your home, making it warmer during colder months of the year. Moreover, they boost the amount of oxygen circulating indoors, enhancing indoor air quality.

Some other reasons this trend is on the rise are:

  • They give a spacious feel: A room with floor-to-ceiling windows links the room to the outside, making the two look like one big room. Such continuity between the indoors and the outdoors is highly desirable among many homeowners.
  • They boost your interior design: These gigantic windows significantly improve your home’s design, making it look beautiful.
  • Maximizes natural light: One of the most crucial reasons for choosing a home with large windows is that these allow natural light into your home, making it look more inviting. Natural light positively impacts your mood and energy levels. The amount of energy you save by not using artificial lighting throughout the day is also significant.

Architecture Trends to consider when Buying Homes in Tampa

  1. Open-plan spaces

In open-plan spaces, no walls or doors separate rooms like the kitchen, living room, and dining room, but they’re all combined into one big room. This enables you to be more sociable and brings your family together. Your family members can do various activities in different rooms, but you still communicate. For instance, you could cook in the kitchen while interacting with your spouse in the lounge and helping your kids in the study room with their homework.

Besides, an enormous space sets an excellent stage for entertainment. It offers a sufficient party space where all your family and friends can gather, eat, drink, and enjoy themselves within the same room.

  1. Outdoor spaces

Outdoor living spaces are essential in your daily life. An excellent outdoor resting place inspires and offers you a great chance to spend more time outside. It improves your mental and physical health, making you happy and healthy. Additional health benefits of spending time outside include:

  • Reduced signs of depression
  • Boosted immune functions
  • Better breathing
  • Improved sleep
  • Mental restoration
  • Improved mood
  • Defense from short-sightedness
  • Improved emotional health

You can realize most of these benefits by buying homes with sufficient outdoor spaces, perhaps large patios.

  1. Green homes

The development of green homes is another architectural trend to consider when buying homes in Tampa. Green homes are meant to lower energy consumption and reduce detrimental environmental effects. They’re built with cutting-edge innovation and creativity using environmentally-friendly materials and techniques that create sustainable and energy-efficient products. Green buildings preserve natural resources by utilizing eco-friendly materials. Green homes also improve your quality of life.

Some benefits of this trend include:

  • Reduction of operational costs as they’re built with energy-saving features
  • They have outstanding indoor air quality.
  • They’re more long-lasting as they’re constructed using natural materials.
  • There’s less noise from outside.
  • Green homes utilize fewer materials.
  • They provide better daylight and views.


Buying a house is one of the best long-term investments you can make. Evaluating a home’s architectural features enables you to settle in one with sufficient space, fantastic interiors and exteriors, top security, and energy-saving systems. So, take your time to learn the latest architectural trends and try identifying them in your list of shortlisted homes for sale. You’d want to work with experienced real estate agencies for the best results.

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