Maison Meadowlark in Bridgehampton NY, Suffolk County Property, NY Luxury Residence Photos

Maison Meadowlark in Bridgehampton NY

Jun 16, 2022

Architecture: Studio Zung

Location: Bridgehampton, South Fork of Suffolk County, NY, USA

Maison Meadowlark Bridgehampton NY

Photos: Adrian Gaut

Maison Meadowlark, NY

Maison Meadowlark tells a special story through the use of natural materials and respecting nature’s changing patterns. Natural light creates shifting patterns on the opposing wall of the glass paned hallway leading from the main house past the guest bedrooms and to the master suite.

Maison Meadowlark Bridgehampton

Subtle color palette and interior design use contrasting tactile elements to create an environment of luxury and accessibility. The views of the pool and garden through the large and continuous windows enable an ever-present connection to nature.

Maison Meadowlark Bridgehampton NY Maison Meadowlark Bridgehampton New York

What was the brief?
A ground up design and build of a modern seven bedroom residence incorporating sustainable design principles built for an international family of four. The concept revolved around the need for environmental sustainability while having plentiful communal spaces to create ease for a vibrant family and their guests. Equally important was that the private spaces function as a retreat.

Maison Meadowlark Bridgehampton NY Maison Meadowlark Bridgehampton

What were the key challenges?
For the pool bath at Maison Meadowlark, we envisioned 360 degrees of wood paneling and a futuristic bespoke marble block sink, inspired by marble quarries in Italy. However, it was not the easiest to engineer.

Maison Meadowlark Bridgehampton NY

Tommy Zung, our Principal says, “I guess first I have to tell the story of the inspiration. I don’t know if anyone has walked the site of a marble quarry in Italy or anywhere else but it’s one of the most still and beautiful experiences one can imagine. Thousands of years of pressure, minerals and heat hovering around you reminding you of how small we are as humans.

The blocks of marble that are extracted are so exquisite, each individual one has its own story. They use water to keep the drill bits from becoming too hot as they drill and water started to pour down over one block of marble. It took my breath away. It moved me so much that I explained to the client that I wanted to recreate this as a sink for the pool house bathroom. The only way to engineer this within a structure was to use my surfing and surfboard shaping knowledge, so I had the entire floor waterproofed with fiberglass and epoxy surf resin. Through natures creation of marble, rhythm of the wood, Wabi Sabi, and surfing this pool bathroom experience was incarnated.”

Suffolk County Luxury Residence

What are some ways that you design for the light?
We run a program that identifies the sun patterns in the summer and the winter on the specific site to see where the light casts. We oriented windows according to the light. We placed bedrooms facing east for the ultimate waking experience. The light might be direct, but we designed ribbon windows that soften it and cast shadows in the morning.

Afternoon and evening light are more a communal light. Morning light feels more personal, more intimate. That’s how we deal with the passive and active design aspect of it. We use southern and northern light in public spaces to bring as much solar gain and light or keep out solar gain in the summer so it’s not too hot or too cold. Light is one of the most powerful architectural tools that are given to us. We just have to find it and honor it.

Suffolk County Property, NY

How is the project unique?
Our client was looking to build a custom house where we didn’t do a lot of new manufacturing. He wanted to keep it as sustainable as possible. And he was looking for something unique, something that had a good story. We’d talked about using sustainable wood as accents throughout the house. Bali has some of the most exotic species of wood in the world, so we travelled there together in search of something special.

We ended up finding a 100-year old tree that had been buried for 8o years, so it was completely preserved. We bought the entire 40-foot teak tree and used it throughout the residence. Even the stairs were made of it. Giving a second life to a tree from across the world to create an intimate family environment brought everything full circle. It represented the pinnacle of luxury, since no one else in the world has that story.

Suffolk County luxury home, NY Suffolk County luxury house

Maison Meadowlark in Bridgehampton, New York – Building Information

Architects: Studio Zung –

Project size: 14400 ft2
Completion date: 2011

Maison Meadowlark Bridgehampton New York

Photography: Adrian Gaut

Maison Meadowlark, Bridgehampton NY images / information received 160622 from Studio Zung Architects, USA

Location: Bridgehampton, South Fork of Suffolk County, New York, USA

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