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Residential Development in Tirana : Albania Housing

Tirana Apartment Building design by Studio Raça Arkitektura

7 Feb 2013

Location: Tirana, Albania

Design: Studio Raça Arkitektura

Yellow Palace Tirana Apartments
photos : Artan Raca

Yellow Palace Apartments

Tirana Residential Property

The Yellow Palace is a small and intimate facility in Tirana, a “palazzetto” funded by six households, each in a floor of 125 m2, and ground floor for shops. With a very tight budget, even putting in doubt its construction of 875 m2, was managed to be completed in 2011 at a fund of EUR 250000, making use of modest materials, such as plasters and painting, it risked being a private object, than an asset of the city.

Yellow Palace Albania

With a monolith concrete system, intervention aimed at transforming it, into a public landmark. Protection from sun, serious issue in Tirana, is enabled by inserting within the building the windows of the northwestwards, while southwestwards this role is played by the balcony extending beyond the living space.

Yellow Palace Albania Yellow Palace Albania Yellow Palace Albania
photos : Artan Raca

The project gives matter to the building, shaping it like a body asking for satisfaction, physical features, sensuality and uniqueness, able to enter into an interaction, to become the point from which to set out towards “encounter with the other” and to avoid monologues, to be a reference for the “Hoxha Tahsim” street, that one can easily lose orientation accompanied by usual facades of routine objects. For this reason, it was the clear and vivid stance transforming the ordinary into non-ordinary, through use of unusual object.

Designed in the background of the Dajti Mountain, it gets a mass, a plastic body, which in its spatial transformation becomes a “monster”, an abnormality, a different thing, enabling another read of space this building is located into. It is not coincidental that Francis Bacon says that the possibility to discover the truth an image contains, lays in the process of its deformation. It is this deformation turning this object into a crash, an awakening, a distraction, a possibility to measure time and to have control on the road taken.

Yellow Palace Albania
photo : Nico Angiuli

Yellow Palace images / information from Studio Raça Arkitektura

Mies van der Rohe Awards 2013 – Shortlisted Building

Location: Tirana, Albania, southeastern Europe

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