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post updated 25 May 2023

Montevideo Architecture

Key Uruguay Buildings / Projects, South America, alphabetical:

25 May 2023
Ziel Montevideo, next to the Villa Biarritz park, Punta Carretas neighbourhood
Design: MVRDV
Ziel Montevideo homes, Uruguay building
image © MVRDV
Ziel Montevideo homes
Located just a block from the ocean on the southern tip of Montevideo, the project occupies a corner lot next to the Villa Biarritz park, which serves as a green heart for the dense Punta Carretas neighbourhood. Thanks to the deep plot and the blind walls of the neighbouring buildings, the design uses a courtyard to ensure that every apartment gets adequate light, and extends the greenery of the park throughout the structure, from the courtyard to the private terraces and shared patios on various levels.

13 Jan 2022
World Memorial to the Pandemic, Montevideo coastline
Design: Gómez Platero
World Memorial to the Pandemic - new Montevideo Architecture
image © Gómez Platero, 2021
World Memorial to the Pandemic, Uruguay
The sustainable urban design and architectural firm’s sleek, arresting symbol for global unity takes home the “Monument” prize at the prestigious, 16th annual awards show. In what is an ultimate testament to the stirring, thought-provoking experience it is intended to provide, renowned urban design and architectural firm Gómez Platero’s “World Memorial to the Pandemic” has fittingly earned top honors in the “Monuments” category at the 2021 International Architecture Awards.

Oficinas Prinzi
Architects: Cotignola, Staricco, Tobler
Oficinas Prinzi Montevideo Architecture
photograph : Marcos Guiponi
Oficinas Prinzi Montevideo Building
The project was commissioned by a firm engaged in the import and export of products for the meat packing industry, which wanted to relocate its offices to its distribution center set in the traditional “La Commercial” neighborhood of Montevideo, Uruguay. This is how the old industrial area became a logistics hub capable of centralizing the client’s operations.

Metropolitan Cathedral South Tower Rehabilitation
Design: Estudio / LT _ Arch. Martín López + Arch. Juan Pablo Tuja
Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral
photography : Daniela Soto, Manuel Machado
Metropolitan Cathedral Montevideo Building
The intervention focuses on the interior of the Cathedral’s South tower: a multiple height vertical space (h = 20 m), where the weights up and down movement launches the XIX century clock. This religious building in Uruguay had been abandoned for several years, until the actual renovation in 2012.

Carrasco International Airport
Date built: 2009
Design: Rafael Vinoly Architects
Carrasco International Airport building design
image from Rafael Viñoly Architects
Carrasco International Airport Building
The new terminal at Carrasco International Airport, which serves Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo, was created to expand capacity and spur commercial growth and tourism in the surrounding region. The design of the building emphasizes its public zones and amenities, providing these areas with an abundance of open space and natural light.

Edificio Acqua – Punte Del Este
Date built: 2007
Design: Rafael Vinoly Architects
Punte Del Este - Uruguay Waterfront Property
Edificio Acqua photo © Roman Viñoly
Montevideo building – housing complex
On a prime site facing the South Atlantic Ocean and located adjacent to the main ocean front roadway, the L-shaped, 34-unit building responds to an irregularly shaped site with a context-sensitive development, introducing an unprecedented level of architectural detailing and construction quality to the high-end of the Uruguayan housing market.

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Location: Montevideo, Uruguay, South America

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Marinas of Punta Piedra, Rio De La Plata Coast, Colonia Town
Design: Rodriguez Pons & Partners
Marinas of Punta Piedra Colonia Town Uruguay
image courtesy of architects
Marinas of Punta Piedra

Uruguay Airport building architect : Rafael Vinoly, based in New York City, NY, USA

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