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Tunisia Architecture News

Key Property Developments in North Africa: New Buildings – Built Environment Updates

post updated 29 March 2024

Tunisia Architectural News

Tunisian Architecture Designs – chronological list

Tunisia Building News

Tunisia Architectural Projects, chronological:

9 July 2022
Le Jardin d’Afrique, Zarzis
Design: Artist Rachid Koraïchi
Le Jardin d'Afrique, Zarzis, Tunisia
photograph : Cemal Emden
Le Jardin d’Afrique, Zarzis
On Tunisia’s coast, the project is a memorial to and graveyard for migrants who drowned whilst crossing the Mediterranean. The artist Rachid Koraïchi initiated the project when he discovered the situation, bought a plot of land and designed the entire project.

12 Nov 2019
Dar Hi, Naftah
Architects: Matali Crasset
Dar Hi Naftah Tunisia Architecture News
photograph : Jérôme Spriet
Dar Hi in Naftah, Tunisia Health and Wellness Hotel
“Dar Hi is not a hotel nor a classical SPA but more a place where you can experience withdrawal and benefit from a spiritual thalassotherapy a few hours away from Paris and in the middle of the desert”, says Patrick Elouarghi. After the experience of the HI hotel in Nice, now Dar HI in Nefta which is the fruit of the collaboration between matali crasset, Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chapelet with a new concept of eco-retreat. Matali literally rose a citadel, from the sand, dedicated to well being.

11 Mar 2018
Sarah Mag Toumi Cultural and Educational Center, El Hencha
Architects: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)
Sarah Mag Toumi Cultural and Educational Center in El Hencha
photograph © Yosri Boukadida
Sarah Mag Toumi Cultural + Educational Center
This Cultural and Educational Communal Center is based on social, agricultural, artisanal, and technological innovation. It is managed on social entrepreneurship principles to better answer the needs of women left out of the work force in rural communities. Designed to meet the needs of a rural environment, the mission of the center is to become a place of exchange where innovation and tradition and where social, economic, cultural and environmental coalesce to work together towards revitalization, diversification and empowerment of the regions and fight against desertification.

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Tunisia Architecture News up to 2017

4 Jan 2017
Colline aux Oliviers, Tunis
Architects: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)
Colline aux Oliviers - Tunisia Architecture News
photograph : Abderrahmen Ezzine
Colline aux Oliviers in Tunis

9 Jan 2017
Mahmud Qabadu Mosque, Djedeida
Architects: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)
Mahmud Gabadu Mosque - Tunisian Architecture News
photograph : Abderrahmen Ezzine
Mahmud Qabadu Mosque in Djedeida
The mosque has been designed to become a religious and urban landmark playing a central role within the rural community.
It is positioned at the center of the two-major axis of the urban development, joining the rural park with the main commercial artery and the two large urban pedestrian plazas (one with shops, the other without). 

18 Sep 2015 + 4 Jul 2014
Revolution Tower Tunis, Square of 14 Janvier, Tunis,
Design: Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co)
Revolution Tower Tunisia building
image from architects studio – renderings: LMM, Mathieu Grenier Digital Artist
Revolution Tower Tunis
Initiated by the foundation Symboles, the project is situated at the intersection of two main axes in central Tunis. The project includes the redesign of the Square of 14 Janvier and its surroundings as well as the construction of the World Social Center (WSC) Tower.
This project reflects the political will to express the ideological and social changes brought about by the Tunisian revolution that took place between December and January 2011. Supported by competent political authorities, the project was managed within the foundation Symboles by the innovation adviser of Tunisian President Monsef Marzouki and monitored by his cultural adviser.

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Architecture in Africa

African Architecture

Guelmim Airport, Morocco
Design: Groupe3Architectes
Guelmim Airport Architecture
photography : Fernando Guerra / FG+SG and Groupe3Architectes
Guelmim Airport Building
The new Guelmim Airport is situated in an existing military infrastructure located 3km north of the city of Guelmim in the south of Morocco.

The Sofitel Tamuda Bay – A New Resort, M’diq, Morocco
Design: Galal Mahmoud, GM Architects
The Sofitel Tamuda Bay - Morocco Building News
image from architects studio
The Sofitel Tamuda Bay in Morocco
New awards announced for this most recent major project by Galal Mahmoud. The Sofitel Tamuda Bay is located on the northern coast of Morocco about 20 miles east of Tangier.

Radisson Blu in Marrakech, Morocco
Design: Atelier Pod
Radisson Blu in Marrakech
image from architecture firm
Radisson Blu in Marrakech

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