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New Swiss Housing

Contemporary Swiss Residential Property – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

29 Sep 2016
The Metropolitans, Zurich, Switzerland
Design: Baumschlager Eberle
The Metropolitans Swiss Housing
photography : Eduard Hueber, Brooklyn NY, USA
The Metropolitans
“The Metropolitans“ are a new landmark in the Leutschenbach neighbourhood. The two residential tower blocks designed by baumschlager eberle are eye-catching reference points in this rapidly developing district in the north of Zurich.

23 Aug 2016
K.I.S.S. Residential Development, Zurich
Architects: Evolution Design
K.I.S.S. Residential Development Zurich Housing
photograph : Peter Wurmli
K.I.S.S. Residential Development in Zurich
The demand for identity and individuality in the rental market has massively increased in the last years, therefore the main aim was to create a low-cost rental development that targets young people by going beyond the functionality and meeting their growing needs for expressing their individuality and plurality.

Swiss Housing Properties up to 2013

23 Jan 2013
Schaerer Housing, Erlenbach
Design: Christ & Gantenbein
Schaerer Residential Building
photo courtesy of architects
Schaerer Residential Building
In the centre of Erlenbach, a town on the edge of Lake Zurich, a new housing building has been constructed on the premises of the Schärer Erlenbach company. The former factory, where machines for the textile industry were produced and which used to be so important for the region, has also received a new front building.

Swiss Housing 2005 – 2009

13 Jan 2009
Residential site Cattaneo, Dietikon/Zürich
Design: Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Cattaneo Building: Apartments, Offices, Dietikon Building
image Jan Bitter © Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Residential site Cattaneo

Sempacher Loft Apartments
Design: Camenzind Evolution
Zurich Apartments Building Swiss Housing
image from architects
Zurich apartment building

1 Oct 2009
3d Housing, Collina d’Oro
Architect: Nicola Probst, Lugano, Switzerland
Collina d'Oro property - Swiss Housing
photo : Lorenzo Mussi, Milan
3d Housing

21 Nov 2008
The Murezzan, St Moritz, Upper Engadine
Date built: 2007
Design: Foster + Partners, Architects
The Murezzan, St Moritz
photograph : Nigel Young, Foster & Partners
The Murezzan, St Moritz Housing
This British architectural practice designed the Murezzan Housing Development to be a complement to the unique civic environment of St Moritz, and a unified combination of contemporary and historic elements. Located in the Upper Engadine, one of Switzerland’s most scenic valleys, St Moritz receives up to a quarter of a million visitors a year, who are attracted to the famed natural beauty and alpine pursuits.

11 Jul 2008
Double family house, Küsnacht
Date built: 2002
Design: Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
Glärnischstrasse Küsnacht
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein
Glärnischstrasse Küsnacht
These two projects on the Glärnischstrasse 2a and 7 in Küsnacht were built within two years of each other. They illustrate the move towards increased density at present occurring in this popular residential district. The issues are therefore integration in the existing context, the grain and the sculptural design of the volumes.

11 Jul 2008
Multengut housing for senior citizens
Date built: 2002-04
Design: Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
Seniorenresidenz Multengut, Swiss Housing
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein
Seniorenresidenz Multengut
The two similar building volumes – comparable to the Tintin detectives “Thomson” and “Thompson” – are specified in the design plan.

15 Mar 2008
Apartmenthouse Siewerdtstrasse, Zurich
Design: EM2N
Apartmenthouse Siewerdtstrasse Zurich Flats - Swiss Housing
photograph : Hannes Henz
Apartmenthouse Siewerdtstrasse – Zurich Flats
To react on the spatial situation of the Siewerdtstrasse a design strategy was developed that adapts the building mass and the apartment types to the different spatial conditions.

4 Sep 2007
Seewurfel, Mixed-Use Development
Design: Camenzind Evolution
Seewurfel Building, Switzerland
image from architect
Seewurfel Building

Ziegelwies Housing, Altendorf Homes

Town Villas Witikon

Han Bit Housing, Herrliberg Development

Am Eulachpark Winterthur Development

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