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Apartment Building L329 in Zürich

24 January 2024

Design: Rossetti+Wyss Architects

Location: Reppischtal, Zürich, Switzerland

Apartment Building L329 Zürich Switzerland

Photos by Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich

Apartment Building L329, Switzerland

Rossetti+Wyss Architects present Apartment Building L329 in Zurich, Switzerland, a neighborhood characterized by a dissolved development structure and free-standing individual buildings of different granulation, as well as green open spaces.

Apartment Building L329 Zürich Switzerland

The new building replaces an apartment building from the 1930s and fits naturally into the built context in terms of grain and volume, while taking the existing circumstances into account. It is an apartment building with seven apartments, a small commercial space at street level, and a parking garage at the rear of the lot.

Apartment Building L329 Zürich

Apartment Building L329 Zürich

Despite the increased living space, the volume of the new building appears restrained in the greened urban body and completes the rhythmic building structure along Limmattalstrasse. The appearance of the building dimensions is broken up by bending the facades ends, and its proportions mediate to the surrounding properties.

Apartment Building L329 Zürich

The choice of a pitched roof for the new building follows the same intention and conveys respectfully to the context. Great attention is paid to the topographical embedding, which ensures a natural course of the surroundings. The point construction allows qualitative and flowing green spaces, which respect the typical local conditions.

Apartment Building L329 Zürich Switzerland

Another focal point is the sustainable concept of the building with its technical installations. The building features reduced energy consumption using thermal heating and electricity production on the roof, realized via opaque panels that avoid reflections to the surroundings, as well as back into the sky.

Apartment Building L329 Zürich Switzerland

Apartment Building L329 Zürich

The architectural expression of the new building arises through a simple and homogeneous language of form. The facades seek a clarified and calm appearance. All six sides are treated in the same way, with differing openings depending on their exposure. Small deviations in the rhythm of the vertical pilaster strips and the format sizes refine the uniformly aligned facades.

Apartment Building L329 Zürich

The inclined wooden panels between the vertical wooden pilaster result in varying shadow effects and light reflections, providing the volume with a lively appearance. The proportion of windows varies across the facades. The loggias seek southern exposure and embed themselves unobtrusively into the geometry of the structure. Cantilevered components, such as balconies and oriels, are avoided.

Apartment Building L329 Switzerland

The extensive roof surfaces follow the design intention of the facades: A clear, homogeneous, and less fragmented appearance, even though it is of photovoltaic and fiber cement panels. Two pinnacles facing south are inscribed into the roof surfaces analogous to the loggias.

The new building is a respectful, calm, and elegant addition to the neighborhood.

Apartment Building L329 Switzerland

Apartment Building L329 in Zurich, Switzerland – Building Information

Design: Rossetti+Wyss Architects – https://www.rossetti-wyss.ch/

Rentable surface 660 sqm
Building size 5’356m3

Apartment Building L329 Switzerland

About Rossetti+Wyss
Rossetti+Wyss has made a name for itself with the completion of a wide variety of building projects: the renovation of the Dada birthplace Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, the exhibition pavilion “Territoire imaginaire” at the Swiss national exhibition Expo.02 in Biel, the house on Zimmerberg in white exposed concrete, the factory building for the AWEL (Andelfingen), and concepts for sustainable urban development in Costa Rica. The architects are currently working on projects of various sizes, where they provide the overall services (development, design, planning, execution). These include apartment buildings in Zurich and Lucerne, residential and commercial propertiess and integrated project developments.

Rossetti+Wyss believe that simplicity is not banal, and that reduction is the path to clarity and precision. A constant process of weighing and choosing between different elements produces spatial and structural solutions. The result is a formal, simple language, full of experiences and spatial successions. Restraint is the watchword. The process is fed by a context, an economy of means, and a natural balance. Human beings, as spectators, are the focus and the measure. They are both trigger and scale in the built environment.

The question is not always how, but why. Integration and humility lead to clear and recognizable results. It is at this point that identification begins, and the desired identity emerges.

The architects understand their projects as fingerprints – they are unique, relative, and specific; unequivocal proof and marks of identity.

Apartment Building L329 Zürich Switzerland

Photographer: Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich

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Location: Zürich, northern Switzerland, central Europe

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