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Allianz Headquarters Zürich

Richti Quarters, Switzerland – design by Wiel Arets Architects

11 Jun 2013

Allianz HQ Zürich

Progress Construction on the Allianz Headquarters in Zürich

Location: Wallisellen, Switzerland

Design: Wiel Arets Architects – WAA

Allianz Headquarters Zürich, Switzerland

Photos © Jan Bitter

The Allianz Headquarters is an office complex occupying two buildings linked by a series of bridges and interlocked by a central staircase rising the height of the entire building within a centrally positioned void.

The Allianz Headquarters is an office complex linked and interlocked by a series of bridges and voids. Once completed, the Allianz Headquarters will be composed of a high-rise tower and a five story building, both with a program of mainly office space, set within an urban plan based on a modified block structure. The two buildings will be connected by a series of bridges, enabling work, gastronomic, and leisure spaces to fluidly interact.

Allianz Headquarters Zürich building facade Allianz Headquarters Zürich building facade

Upon entering the lobby of the complex, a monumental sculptural staircase will rise 72 meters – the entire height of the building – essentially creating an accessible atrium that visually and intuitively routes users. These multi-story voids create short cuts between floors through the use of open stairways, which produce varied spatial relations and connections throughout the section of the building. Circulation to and from these stairs and voids is towards and perpendicular to the outer glass skin, while circulation on each floor takes place along and parallel to the façade, so that the buildings are always alive with movement.

Allianz Headquarters Zürich building facade Allianz Headquarters Zürich building facade

The exterior glazing is in two layers, with a computer-controlled sun-screening curtain between, and the interior lighting and materials were selected based on both longevity and comfort, allowing for the modulation of the spatial atmosphere as desired by the inhabitants.

Allianz Headquarters Zürich Allianz Headquarters Switzerland Allianz Headquarters Wallisellen Allianz Headquarters Zürich Wallisellen Allianz Headquarters Zürich Switzerland
photos © Jan Bitter

Allianz Headquarters Zürich – Building Information

Location: Richtiplatz 1, 8034 Wallisellen, Switzerland
Program: Office
Size: 72.000 m2
Date of design: 2008-09
Date of completion: 2013
Project team: Wiel Arets, Felix Thies, Maik Ilmer
Collaborators: Flavio Loretz, Jörg Lüthke, Ruth Val Garijo, Virginia Angell, Anira Niso, Angela Tsang, Mikal Switalsky, Jacques van Eyck, Maron Vondeling, Christina Lotzemer Jentges, Joost Körver, Ilze Paklone, Alexandra Dobrowowolska, Boris van Eijsden, Joris Lens, Thomas Misik, Lucia Miglio, Hannes Scheutz, Dunia Nedjar, Francois Steul, Alexis Bikos, Athanasia Karaioannoglou, Victor Hidajat, Aline Amore, Birgit Schwarz, Tieme Zwartbol, Boris Wolf, Chris Frodsham, Alessandra Ferrari
Client: Allreal Generalunternehmung AG, Allianz Suisse
Consultants: GKP Fassadentechnik AG, R+B Engineering AG, Ahochn AG, Jäger Partner Bauingenieure AG, GRP Ingenieure, Kardorff Ingenieure

Allianz Headquarters Zürich Building images / information from Wiel Arets Architects / WAA

Wiel Arets

Allianz HQ Zürich : background information

Location: Richtiplatz 1, 8034 Wallisellen, Zürich, Switzerland

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