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Laizhou Bar in Shanghai, China

10 Apr 2023

Design Team: RooMoo Practice

Location: No. 291, Fumin Road, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Laizhou Bar Shanghai China

Photos: Wen Studio

Laizhou Bar, China

Behind every beautiful product, there is always an aesthetically pleasing production process. The aesthetic trend in production extends not only to the beauty of products but also to the beauty of the production environment and the products themself.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai Republic of China Laizhou Bar Shanghai Republic of China

Bacchus has always adhered to the green production concept of “born from nature, walking with nature” based on having one of the few global whiskey distilleries with both pot and continuous column stills. At present, as China’s most extensive whiskey distillery, it has become the first group company in China to practice the green concept of net zero emissions and take carbon neutrality as its long-term goal. Therefore, the beauty of production naturally became the design inspiration for their first flagship whiskey bar in Shanghai.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai Republic of China

The build of the overall space sequence reflects quoting, extracting, and amplifying the factory’s production process and importing the details of the materials used in the production process into the space design. Create a mutually beneficial symbiosis between the winery and its bar space, and support each other.

The overall space planning of Laizhou Bar comprises a whiskey tasting area, VIP room, bar area, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor seating area. Regarding the whole bar, it is necessary to consider the actual consumer needs and show the brand spirit that can echo the Laizhou Distillery.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai Laizhou Bar Shanghai China

We used around 6,000 pieces of discarded wooden barrels dismantled from the whiskey barrels of the distillery to assemble the long site from the outside to the indoor entrance tasting area until the bar area in the back area to form a coherent flow spatial visual experience.

The double-ring structure on the top of the indoor tasting and bar areas forms an infinite visual impression, echoing the distillery’s green and environmentally friendly whiskey production methods.

The dome structure formed by discarded wooden barrel pieces on the top surface highlights the particular function (whiskey tasting) as the center of the space. In addition, the lighting design of the marquee strengthens the unique flow of natural time extension at night.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai China

Regarding materials, we adhere to the winery’s sustainable concept and use the winery’s discarded wooden barrels and barrel metal rings as the most important structural materials in the interior, forming the bar’s unique facade and ceiling structure.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai China

Each dismantled barrel piece is different in the curvature of the wood piece, width, length, and grain. Through the various size details and textures of each piece, we classify them and apply them to different positions on the facade and ceiling dome. Due to the limited number of discarded oak barrel pieces – quantity gradually increases with production. Therefore, for the double-ring structure, we decided to build the dome of the tasting area first like a nest. Then, with the growth of time, the discarded wooden barrel pieces are accumulated step by step towards the dome of the bar area for construction. The bar area’s top metal structure provides the foundation for adding the wooden frame in the next step.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai Laizhou Bar Shanghai

Based on the flowing shape, the unique use of traces of the wooden structure brings a unique sense of history washed by time and years to the space. In addition, in the partition between the tasting area and the bar, we combined discarded metal rings and a part of the cut wood structure with holes to form a coherent material expression from top to bottom. At the same time, the VIP room lighting is made of metal rings of discarded barrels. The natural color of the metal ring is assisted by ambient light, which naturally shows a special artistic appearance.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai

Traces are an aesthetic feature that has always existed in the whiskey production process, such as the cross-sectional details of the oak wood chips, the carbonized surface left after the fire toasted the barrel, the contrast between the vicissitudes of the barrel and the round taste of the wine itself, and so on.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai

We use non-woven fabrics to imitate the texture pattern of oak to form the background wall of the wine display in the space and the upper half of the wall in the booth area. The changing color and slightly shining lighting atmosphere neutralize the sense of stability and coordination of the dome wood structure on the top surface, making the overall space atmosphere younger. The smoked metal plate and distilled copper plate materials form the other wall parts, which reshape the sense of thickness and the dark characteristics of the whiskey bar.

Laizhou Bar Shanghai Republic of China

Laizhou Bar in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China – Building Information

Project City: Shanghai
Project Area: 200 sqm
Business: Whiskey Bar
Client: Bacchus
Design Team: RooMoo –
Construction: Shanghai Yizhu Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Lighting Consultant: WOY Lighting Design
Primary materials: pieces of discarded wine barrels, metal rings of discarded wine barrels, gray floor tiles, white translucent non-woven fabrics, bronze metal plates, smoked black metal plates, and luminous acrylic.
Project Location: No. 291, Fumin Road, Shanghai
Process photo provided by: RooMoo \ Yizhu Decoration

Laizhou Bar Shanghai China Laizhou Bar Shanghai Republic of China

Photography: Wen Studio

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Location: No. 291, Fumin Road, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, eastern Asia

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