Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai, Contemporary SPARK Chinese Architecture Photos

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai Design

19 November 2021

Design: SPARK

Location: Minhang district, Shanghai, China

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai by SPARK

Photos by Shine Lab

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai, China

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai


SPARK is delighted to announce the completion of the Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, the initial phase of SPARK’s much wider regeneration master plan of the public space of Shanghai’s Minhang district.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai by SPARK

The Minhang Riverfront is an ambitious story of urban regeneration. A mere 24 months ago it was a decrepit overgrown riverfront faced by low grade industrial warehouses with remnants of paths, industrial and disused utilities evidence of many years of change and neglect within the district.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai by SPARK

Today it has become a vibrant mix of commercial, technology and institutional uses connected by SPARK’s urban park, an open space armature around which existing developments have been upgraded.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai by SPARK

SPARK’s proposal creates a 750 metre long recreational environment that meets the government and community’s desire for a sense of place that facilitates better pedestrian connections and promotes a more sustainable living environment.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai by SPARK

SPARK’s design concept used the single cell Diatom as a recurring motif. Diatoms are single cell algae of many beautiful forms that naturally clean water. We have abstracted the Diatom form into two- and three-dimensional objects that animate the river embankment telling the story river and environment in regeneration.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai landscape design

The design of the riverfront includes continuous green ribbons of walking, jogging and bicycle tracks and 3 pedestrian bridges that link the residential, education and business communities together.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai landscape design

The landscape was designed by layering four distinct zones that enhance views create and for the first time accessibility to the river. The linear zones take on an abstracted riparian form and house innovative pockets of activity with lawns, cafés, a sports park and event plaza.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai landscape design

SPARK designed a bespoke wayfinding and furniture strategy that contributes to the storytelling and accessibility of the transformed environment.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai landscape design

Stephen Pimbley, Partner SPARK said
“The Minhang project exemplifies how urban open space can be a key factor in civic regeneration and social sustainability. It has instilled a sense of civic pride in the district and set a local benchmark for the quality of life for future residents”.
SPARK合伙人Stephen Pimbley说:”闵行滨水再生项目很好的展现了城市开放空间如何成为公共再生和社会可持续性的关键因素。该项目为当地区域培养了一种市民的责任感,并为未来居民的生活质量树立了一项本土的标准”。

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai landscape design

Lim Wenhui, Partner at SPARK said
“We were really excited about the potential goals of the project to our imagination to bring new life to the riverfront and provide a safe, attractive environment that invites residents, students, visitors and business people discover the forgotten riverfront and celebrate its rebirth”.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai landscape design

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai – Building Information


Project name: Minhang Riverfront Regeneration
Year: 2021
Site area (sqm): 23,787 sqm


CREDITS / 设计信息

Design Architect:SPARK Architects
Project Directors: Stephen Pimbley, Lim Wenhui, Min Wei
Design team: Danny Yan, Luca Maccarinelli, Xilin Zhu , Li Menghao, Jason Ye, Yang Xi
Client: Shanghai Nanbinjiang Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Photography: Shine Lab,Min Wei

项目董事:斯蒂芬.平博理, 林雯慧,闵薇
团队成员:严丹, Luca Maccarinelli, 朱茜琳, 李萌豪,叶军,杨熙
项目摄影:三映摄影事务所, 闵薇

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai masterplan



SPARK is a Singapore, Shanghai and London based team of designers and thinkers working in the disciplines of architecture, urbanism, interior design, landscape design, research and branding.

Using the evocation of the studio’s name “SPARK”; we produce stimulating, innovative, award-winning buildings and urban environments that generate significant added value for our clients.

SPARK’s studios have built a large number of award-winning projects throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our work is influenced by the constant evolution of contemporary life and the influences upon it that require a fresh approach to urban thinking.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration Shanghai concept design

SPARK’s work ranges in scale from boutique shops, residential, mixed-use waterfronts, and civic buildings to urban planning. Our projects are enjoyable to use, functional, beautiful to look at and easy to understand.

SPARK’s design solutions are an inspired socially and environmentally sensitive alchemy of the traditional ingredients of living, working and leisure designed to seamlessly connect society to an inspiring future.

For over ten years SPARK’s way of thinking has allowed us to make buildings that resonate with the public, clients and critics. We enjoy working with anybody who shares our belief that design makes an inspirational contribution to the world around us.

SPARK’s award-winning projects include Clarke Quay in Singapore, the Shanghai International Cruise Terminal (MIPIM Asia Awards 2011, “Best Mixed-Use development” award), the Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur and the Raffles City projects in Ningbo and Beijing. Spark’s Homefarm and BeachHut projects are the winners of the Future Experimental Category at the World Architecture Festival in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Minhang Riverfront public realm design




SPARK思邦近期完成的重要项目包括获得cityscape Asia2008最佳滨水项目奖的克拉码头商业改建、获得2011MIPM亚洲最佳综合项目奖的上海国际客运中心、吉隆坡升喜廊、北京和宁波的两座来福士广场、以及分别获得2015/2016世界建筑节大奖的乐龄农庄和多彩沙滩屋.

Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai: SPARK images / information received 181121 from SPARK

Location: Minhang district, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

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