LEGO House in Billund, Denmark

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Zootopia in Jutland: Givskud

We must make sure that our cities offer a generous framework for different people – from different backgrounds, economy, gender, culture, education and age – so they can live together in harmony while taking into account individual needs as well as the common good. Nowhere is this challenge more acrimonious than in a zoo.

Herningsholm Vocational School, Denmark

Herningsholm Vocational School Denmark 2

Design: C.F. Møller Architects

The new Herningsholm Vocational School asserts itself as an independent building in an existing campus cluster of educational buildings. The school is designed inside-out – with a focus on the creation of optimal learning and study environments – as well as out-side-in, in relation to the surrounding context where welcoming urban spaces provide possibilities for outdoor work and teaching.

Black Sun, Rømø Habour in Denmark

Black Sun

Design: Arkitema

The settlement “Sort Sol” takes its scenic, unique surroundings as its starting point. In order to protect the area against surges the settlement is built on pills. That way, the landscape drifts undisturbed beneath the houses. The design of “Black Sun” is based on the strong and sometimes violent nature it is located in the middle of.

Vendsyssel Hospital in Jutland by C. F. Møller

Vendsyssel Hospital

Architects: C. F. Møller. Architecture competition-winning design for extension and refurbishment of the Vendsyssel Hospital: the building seeks to enhance the overarching architectonic identity of the hospital and to inte-grate buildings and landscapes in various ways, including a rooftop children’s oasis.

House of Music Opening, Aalborg

House of Music Opening Aalborg 1


After four years of construction, the “House of Music” in Aalborg, Denmark was ceremoniously opened on March 29, 2014 by the Danish Queen Margrethe II.

This cultural centre was designed by the Viennese architectural studio Coop Himmelb(l)au as a combined school and concert hall: its open structure promotes the exchange between the audience and artists, and the students and teachers. “The idea behind the building can already be read from the outer shape. The school embraces the concert hall,” explained Wolf D. Prix, design principal and CEO of Coop Himmelb(l)au.