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Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains

Take a(l)titude – Hilltop Residence in Ploiești, Romania – design by Archaeus ltd.

11 Jan 2017

Take a(l)titude – Lighthouse on Fagaras Mountains in Romania

Design: Archaeus ltd.

Location: Ploiești, Romania

The Făgăraș Mountains are the highest mountains of the Southern Carpathians, in Romania.

Take a(l)titude

A “lighthouse” in the Fagaras mountains, on the most dangerous (and the most beautiful) places….

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains
photo © Dan Purice

For an architect, the challenge is the fuel that subtle keeps him alive…

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains
photo © Marius Miclaus

The architects had a vague idea about what it meant accepting the challenge to design a shelter at 2,100 m within a restricted budget, especially since they asked to build it themselves, based on the 10 year experience of workshops with students at Sky Hill workshop platform.

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains
photo © Marius Miclaus

A lighthouse in the Fagaras mountains… at Călțun, in Romania, this was to be the theme of study. Along with all the other sub-themes – the transport by helicopter which became defining for design (more than 4 hours of talks with the pilots mapped the execution technology and project implementation), it was also discussed the execution under extreme conditions, the careful choice of materials for a special space and the induction of an attitude … at a(l)ttitude … Everyone involved was to learn from this extreme experience. Any mistake could lead to failure … so the pressure was high.

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains
photo © Andi Buftea

Because of the budget, place and time (october) Archaeus decided to use the energy of the volunteers for construction, light material (but strong enough) for less hours of flight, all marked with a strong management…A lighthouse in the mountains with a team project who also build the object was our goal. And the team did this….

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains
photo © Ovidiu Micsa

The simple but more than necessary function in one of the most exposed to accidents areas in Romania’s mountains is organized in first aid room for mountain rescue team (3 places) and space for tourists (19 places). The location was slightly moved from the previous 40 year old shelter, given the lake protection against pollution and functional reasons (the platform becomes helicopter landing area in case of emergency) while also avoiding the continuous wind current of Caltun valley.

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains
photo © Marius Soflete

The photovoltaic panel gives energy independence for this tourism structure and is placed on the roof, at the base of the tower, which brings in the light spectacle throughout the day. The object itself becomes a signal, a lighthouse…for a new attitude.

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains
photo © Marius Soflete

The chosen material, CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), was suited well from different perspectives – resistant to abundant snow (the reference load was 2 to/m2), light, compared to its structural wind resistance, friendly surface and not to forget the incredible wooden scent. The dynamic shape is designed according to the strong local winds, while the aluminum cover sheet takes its colour and design from the moss covered stones on site.

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains in Romania – Building Information

Name of work in English: Take a(l)titude
Name of work in original language: Ia a(l)titudine
Location: Fagaras Mountain, Romania
Year completed: 2015 (Year began 2014)
Studio: Archaeus ltd.
Authors: MARIUS MICLAUS (1969 Romania)

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains


Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains

Program: Sport & Leisure
Labels: Nature
Total area: 1000
Usable floor area: 36
Cost: 800
Client: Sibiu County Council
Client Type: public
Map: LatLng: (45.582470533247864, 24.57499722290038)

Lighthouse on Făgăraș Mountains

Lighthouse on Fagaras Mountain in Romania Nominated for Mies van der Rohe 2017 Awards

Mies van der Rohe 2017 Award Nominations

Location: Făgăraș Mountains, Romania

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