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Best Architecture Tours in Prague as a date night idea

12 Nov 2020

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Best Prague architecture tours as date night idea

When the time comes to start properly dating, weekend breaks are always a terrific way of bonding. How about spreading your wings and choosing a scenic European capital to visit? Prague offers wonderful scenery and impressive historical buildings to captivate romantic visitors. With that being said, here are the most recommended architectural tours for couples according to dating experts from

Best Architecture Tours in Prague

Hidden Gems

Prague is a city of architectural wonders, and its center is UNESCO-listed with good reason. This would be an excellent tour for you and your partner for getting a taste of this historic location, as you immerse yourselves in the picture-postcard scenery. As well as stunning views of Prague Castle, you’ll discover less well-known landmarks, such as the Strahov Monastery, a remarkably-preserved building dating from the 12th century, and the Loreto Sanctuary, popular with pilgrims from far and wide.

No visit to this beautiful city would be complete without sampling the fine local brews, and this tour also includes a trip to the Strahov Monastic Brewery, where you can taste the mouth-watering ales. Enjoy panoramic views of the Czech architecture from the top of Petrin Hill while sampling the fine local cuisine.

Prague walking tours

This tour proves how valuable it is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide to talk you around the city’s architectural delights rather than wandering through the winding streets yourselves. This is the best way for the varying styles to be placed in their proper design and historical context. Why have so many buildings been constructed to Gothic specifications?

When did art deco become a popular theme? Which are the best examples of baroque architecture? You can upgrade your walking jaunt to include even more buildings as the backdrop, learning all about the many styles that go towards making this central European city so unique.

20th-century architecture

Another walking tour with a guide historian, this one is memorable because it focuses on the more contemporary examples of Prague architecture. Much as the city is famous for its towering medieval spires and Gothic delights, its modern settings are often unfairly overlooked. You and your partner can marvel in the many 20th century landmarks that are worthy of equal attention, from art nouveau masterpieces to striking cubism.

If you weren’t aware of what constitutes either of these styles, you’ll soon become masters at identifying examples and being able to differentiate between them. Because of Prague’s location, the city has experienced its fair share of the last century’s tumultuous history, living with both Nazi and Soviet occupation, but you’ll find out how the unique Czech spirit flourished with these wonderful buildings.

Czech spa towns

Finally, after the walking tours through the Czech Republic’s capital, a time to chill out and kick back for a while. This tour will transport you to the tranquil surroundings of two of the country’s most elegant spa towns, relatively close to Prague. Climb aboard a well air-conditioned coach and travel through teeming pine forests to west Bohemia and Karlovy Vary, famous for its mineral springs.

Your guide will talk you through the beautiful backdrop of colonnades while drawing your attention to the remarkably cleansing local spring waters. There are also mementos to be browsed through, with stunning examples of locally-crafted porcelain and crystalware that would make for excellent souvenirs. After lunch, you’ll head for the next, equally grandiose spa town, Marianske Lazne.

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