Azarujinha Beach Restaurant, São João do Estoril Architecture, Architect, Portuguese Design

Restaurant Azarujinha Beach at São João do Estoril

Restaurant Building Portugal design by S3ARQUITECTOS

22 Dec 2011

Location: São João do Estoril, Lisbon, southern Portugal

Design: S3ARQUITECTOS – Bernardo Daupiás Alves, Marco Braizinha, André Serpa

Restaurant in Azarujinha Beach

São João do Estoril – Portugal, 2006

Client: Private

Restaurant in Azarujinha Beach, São João do Estoril

Restaurant in Azarujinha Beach

Located in “Praia da Azarujinha” beach in S. João do Estoril – Portugal, this abandoned building that used to host small boats and fishing equipment from traditional fishing activities, is the starting point to be reconvert such a building into a new concept of restaurant & lounge.

This small beach is characterized by is scenic atmosphere, in a enclose bay with a unique natural set-up.

The building “grabs” the natural rock facade, allowing an entrance by the upper level that lids the user to the restaurant from the exterior terrace lounge, and o lower entrance by the promenade.

The restaurant stands out as a contemporary interpretation of veranda, a porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Dealing between two functions – beach equipment and restaurant, the two functions host themselves in different levels of the building.

Ground level serves for beach equipment – bar and storage, WCs, cloakrooms and showers.

Restaurant in Azarujinha Beach Restaurant in Azarujinha Beach Restaurant in Azarujinha Beach Restaurant in Azarujinha Beach

Positioned under the access ramp that starts in the southern part of the building and leads the visitor to the first floor into the restaurant, the ground level is the first protection of the building against the strong natural “behaviour” of the sea, mainly during winter time with strong tides and stormy weather. The restaurant occupies two floors, composed of open-air and closed interior spaces, serving both for hot summer days and chilly winters.

The northern access to the terrace guarantees winter use when tides are high. Services located on the ground floor are closed at that time. This way the restaurant maintains itself independent offering a comfortable way to meditate sea views.

The space is defined by the use of two principal materials – concrete and wood, serving to identify different functions and volumetries.

These two materials are joined by glass, giving a strong impression of lightness and transparency.

The building space functions as a kind of cradle, where one can comfortably sit down, embraced by wood and concrete, and overlook the surrounding big water.

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Location: Azarujinha, São João do Estoril, Portugal

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Architects Bernardo Daupiás Alves and Marco Braizinha have been working together since 2003 under the name of S3arquitectos, collaborating with other architects, designers, engineers, photographers and artists.

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