MG Coudelaria, Minho North Portugal

MG Coudelaria, Minho North Portugal, Modern Stud Farm Building Development, Portuguese Architecture Photos

MG Coudelaria in Minho

Updated 28 Sep 2022 + 6 July 2022

Architecture: Visioarq Architects

Location: Minho Region, North Portugal

MG Coudelaria Minho North Portugal

Photos: Maria João Gala

MG Coudelaria Portugal

MG Coudelaria, Portugal

The MG Coudelaria – signed by the Portuguese architecture firm Visioarq – recently won the A+Awards Popular Choice in the Details – Architecture + Wood category, in the 2022 edition of the prestigious Architizer international competition.

MG Coudelaria Minho North Portugal

The exuberant presence of Nature throughout the territory of the Minho region, in the North of Portugal, was a structuring axis for the conceptual development of this stud farm. The project, on a traditional Minho property, is marked by a strong natural component in the region where the expression of vegetation, both natural and with human intervention, is visually predominant.

MG Coudelaria Minho Portugal

In this context, the architect had, as his main premise, the framing of the new building with its environmental surroundings. Natural pine wood as the primary material and glued laminated timber (Glulam) naturally appear as solutions, not only to compose the exterior and interior coatings, but also the structure of the buildings.

MG Coudelaria Portugal

The structural elements are clearly the building’s protagonists, and everything else develops from them. The skeleton is the base of the form and everything else takes on secondary reading. With this hierarchy, it is somehow intended that the natural elements do not lose the protagonism and importance they deserve, growing over time, involving and integrating more and more into the proposed building. The use of wood on the façade and spans, with more or fewer openings, also allowed, in functional terms, an important control over the natural lighting and ventilation, providing the desired comfort to this space.

MG Coudelaria Minho North Portugal

Options regarding details have not been forgotten, with all the hardware and accessories to be designed originally for these riding arenas, materializing the simplicity and desired functionality for space with its very distinctive identity, where contact with the protagonists of the equestrian world is made in a markedly sensory way.

MG Coudelaria Portugal

To dilute as much as possible each built structure’s weight in the surroundings, two distinct buildings were created in functional terms that, although physically and visually separated, are functionally very close. The Stables on the one hand, and the Covered Riding Arena on the other, are both complemented by an Electric Guide and an Outdoor Riding Arena.

MG Coudelaria Minho Portugal

MG Coudelaria in Minho, North Portugal – Building Information

Architecture Office: Visioarq

About Visioarq
Visioarq has been treading its own path since 1998; a path that reflects its vision for distinctive architecture: an original conceptual quality that skillfully balances aesthetics and function.

Relying on technology, innovation, integration, and sustainability, Visioarq’s architecture challenges the logic of materials through a language of precision and detail, which is also reflected in its organizational attitude, design, and the type of projects it develops.

With its very own methodologies based on collaborative and multidisciplinary work, each space is treated as unique, in a commitment that extends from the concept to the monitoring of the execution and which ensures faithfulness to the design, whatever the context, geography, or culture.

MG Coudelaria Portugal

MG Coudelaria Portugal

Based in Portugal, Visioarq operates globally by means of local teams, and has a respectable portfolio in various sectors, especially in the high-end Residential, Tourism, and Health segments in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Qualified to meet all architectural challenges, the company also boasts a wide range of competencies – Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, and Design – combined in a mix that perfectly balances the impossible, and whose merit has already been awarded many prizes and has been published in works of reference.

MG Coudelaria Minho Portugal

Photographs: Maria João Gala

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