Paradinha Cabins, Arouca Portugal

Paradinha Cabins, Arouca Portugal, North Portuguese building development, Remote architecture images

Paradinha Cabins, Arouca, northern Portugal

20 July 2022

Architects: SUMMARY

Location: Porto, northern Portugal

Paradinha Cabins Arouca Portugal

Photos © Fernando Guerra_FG+SG

Paradinha Cabins, Portugal

Considering the roughness and the remoteness of the Paradinha Cabins plot it would be difficult (and extremely expensive) to assemble construction yards for a traditional building. Thus, in this case, resorting to prefabricated structures was not just a choice, but the only efficient option we had to simplify the building process within such conditions.

Paradinha Cabins Arouca Portugal

The initial commission was to distribute several touristic rooms over the terrain. However, we proposed small houses – not just rooms – so that some of them would be able to work as full-time houses rather than tourism units. Mixing these two different programs (tourism + housing) we ensure that this complex will not have a seasonal occupation, being inhabited during the whole year and not just in the vacation period. This multifunctional approach promotes the intensity of this complex’s occupation, therefore fostering its frequent maintenance and improving the security of the area.

Paradinha Cabins Arouca Portugal

This project was an opportunity to make new experiences within the Gomos building system: in each house, all the technical installations (water, electricity and climatization) were concentrated in just one module and extended to the other models externally. This procedure was standardly repeated in the whole project, accelerating its production/assembly process.

Paradinha Cabins Arouca Portugal Paradinha Cabins Arouca Portugal

The project is composed of eleven small cabins, including four different typologies, from 28sqm to 58sqm. They are distributed across the plot according to the natural configuration of the terrain, altering it as little as possible. The old stone walls and the existing trees were preserved – the houses were carefully placed around them. Combining this apparently arbitrary positioning with different orientations allowed the houses not to block each other’s views. From the balconies, behind the wooden slats, we can see the forest and, in some cases, the river.

Paradinha Cabins Arouca Portugal

Paradinha Cabins in Arouca, Portugal – Building Information

Archiyects: SUMMARY –

Project Name: Paradinha – 11 cabins in the woods //
Contact E-mail: [email protected]
Leading Architect: Samuel Gonçalves
Office Location: Porto, Portugal

Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area: 512 m2 / sqm
Project Location: Aldeia da Paradinha, Alvarenga – Arouca
Coord: 40°56’03.8″N 8°10’22.0″W
Programme: Tourism, Hotel, Cabins, Tiny Houses

Project beginning date: January 2017
Construction works dates: december 2018 – february 2021

Photo Credits: © Fernando Guerra_FG+SG
Photographer website:
E-mail: [email protected]

Paradinha Cabins, Arouca Portugal images / information received 200722 from SUMMARY Architects

Location: Famalicão, Portugal, southwestern Europe

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