One2One Fitness Studio, Porto Real Gym, Modern Portuguese Interior Architecture Photos

One2One Fitness Studio in Porto

12 May 2021

Architects: ESQVTA

Location: Porto, Portugal

One2One Fitness Studio Porto

Photos by Ricardo Oliveira Alves

One2One Fitness Studio

The One2One Fitness Studio project was born from the need to expand a Fitness Center by creating a studio that would complement its two existing ones. The client’s request was of an area with a very different design approach from the first two studios of the brand – though spatially connected. An area that would ask its users constantly: “Put Me In Your Instastories!”

One2One Fitness Studio Porto One2One Fitness Studio Porto

Within the 10m-by-10m room available, the program was divided into 3 distinct areas: a large central one for functional training, a locker room and a corridor that connects this new studio to the pre-existing ones.
The intervention area was previously an office space, with multiple rooms, that had now to be cleared. Upon demolition, some structural elements required for adjustments of the initial proposal, since the careful matching of the various stereotomy’s of brass plates and mirrors had to be perfectly done.

One2One Fitness Studio Porto

The planning of the locker room also created a challenge because of the small space destined to it. An area with 8 lockers and the washbasin precedes a linked lavatory and shower room, since individual access to each wasn’t possible.

One2One Fitness Studio Porto

Regarding Design, each of these areas was to have a striking image. With full creative freedom, 70s and 80s references were used, with inspiration from the pop and underground cultures, between eccentric hedonism, the cult of the body and creative expression explosions with a unique purpose: create the most exuberant and exclusive training studio in the city.

One2One Fitness Studio Porto

The access to this new training area is made through a corridor that announces itself as a transition experience. Completely lined with mirror, glass and neon frames, the space creates a sort of simulated reality, where walls and ceilings merge creating an almost labyrinthine circuit.

One2One Fitness Studio Porto

With the sound of “If You Could Read My Mind”, the training area was designed with the image of a dance floor in mind, where the mirror ball is replaced by a ceiling filled with golden lamps. Mirrored ceilings and walls emphasize an atmosphere of hedonism and vanity. Side walls fully lined with brass plates close this cycle of unexpected and luxurious materials.

The lighting is also a major protagonist in this studio, making it multifaceted and chameleonic, oscillating between ample lighting and a night club environment.
On the way out, a note recalls: “Do It For Your Selfie”.

One2One Fitness Studio Porto

Added notes and challenges
In a period of time when fitness studios suffered greatly from the pandemic lockdowns, we wanted to design a place that would really stand out and be memorable. In a time when people live more and more through their social media, Architecture and Interior Design are no longer for creating places to be lived and experienced but also the backgrounds for these online livings.

With that in mind, and with the notion that even in creating a new studio with a unique image, it still had to be connected to the two pre-existing studios for the brand. The transition corridor is therefore lined with mirrors on, black floors, and frames in neons, that create a sort of dark void in an infinite space.

The main area, destined for functional training is designed to put its user on the spot, the center of everything, with luxurious materials all around and a total of 147 LED ceiling lamps.

The construction had to be closely monitored, the stereotomy of the brass panels had to match the one of the mirrored walls and ceiling. The oval shape in the ceiling was also a challenge and had to be carefully executed.

This project stands out not only for its striking image, but because it’s unexpected and well crafted. Since it’s inauguration in early April it drew many new subscriptions since no one that passes by can remain indifferent to its appeal.

One2One Fitness Studio Porto One2One Fitness Studio Porto

One2One Fitness Studio in Porto, Portugal – Building Information

Architect: ESQVTA

Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 110m2
Project location: Rua da Alegria 1948, Porto, Portugal
Program: Fitness Studio
Lead Architects: Vitor Almeida
Collaborators: Sara Pinto
Archviz: Tiago Castro
Lead Architects e-mail: [email protected]

Photography: Ricardo Oliveira Alves
Photographer’s e-mail: [email protected]

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Location: Porto, Portugal

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