Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto real estate project, Modern Portuguese property photos

Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto house

9 February 2023

Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto home

Architects: A2OFFICE

Location: Porto, Portugal

Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto property

Photos © AL.MA Fotografia | Alexandra Marques

Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto property, Portugal

The architectural project for this house was born simultaneously from a void and from a dance: the unbuilt space of the patio separates and unites the two volumes that make up the intervention and that seem to want to communicate through a dance.

Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto property

The house sought to create a relationship of dialogue, not only with the urban front in which it operates, but also with the immediate surroundings. Taking into account that this is an area in a process of constructive and use transformation, the basic premise was to design the building in relation to the pre-existing buildings, but also, and above all, to endow it with characteristics that would allow it to dialogue in the future with new neighboring constructions, something that was confirmed, since new contiguous buildings appeared in the meantime.

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It was decided to integrate pieces of the original facade into the new facade, as if fixing fragments of history. The new facade seeks a sharp separation of the two floors that make up the new intervention: the lower part, which preserves parts of the pre-existing facade, is purposely fragmented and the surfaces have different depths, thus relating to the rhythm of the pre-existing neighboring buildings facades; the upper floor is clearly autonomous, both in terms of proportion and in terms of language.

Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto property

Here appears a surface of vertical slats that delimit the public façade of the house, creating a visual filter between the public space and the private space. In the future, this slat will serve as a support for a vertical garden, which will accentuate the visual filter and will also function as a filter for dust and smells from the constant traffic that is observed in the adjacent street.

Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto property

Throughout the process, curves spontaneously emerged and helped to resolve the design: first, on the back facade, the canopy saw the need to contour an existing tree that was intended to be maintained; with this rounded shape, the canopy allows shading of the façade, creates a useful outdoor covered area, in the extension of the living room and kitchen, and a balcony on the upper floor, at the same time that it seems to embrace the tree.

Porto property design by architects A2OFFICE

Due to the requirement of a formal and aesthetic relationship with the annex, the same type of design was proposed for its roof, thus communicating the main building and its dependence in a coherent and integrated way (the dance); other curved elements also appear on the slab of the front patio, where an opening is created over the pedestrian entrance on the ground floor, thus enabling the creation of a semi-covered patio at the entrance to the house.

Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto property

As with the front facade, but for different reasons, the upper part of the rear facade was clad with a set of vertical slats, which, unlike the first ones, with a static and closed appearance, have a dynamic appearance, allowing the opening of the glazed spans over the private backyard.

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Casa Da Vilarinha, Porto, Portugal – Building Information

General Information

Project Name: Casa da Vilarinha
Location: Porto, Portugal
Architecture Firm: A2OFFICE
Main Architect and Coordination: Alberto Dias Ribeiro
Team: Alexandra Marques, Angelina Voulgari, Bernardo Faria, Débora Nojiri, Mariana Gonçalves
Year: 2016 – 2022
Gross Built Area: 296,45sqm
State: Built
Contractor e Process Management: AZU

Photography: © AL.MA Fotografia | Alexandra Marques

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Contact e-mail: [email protected]

Modern Portuguese property interior design Modern Portuguese property interior stairs

Materials And Equipment

Flooring: Amorim Wise (
Coatings: Neolith ( ), Love Tiles (, Amop (
Bathroom Apliances: Bruma (, Bathco (,Valadares (, Oli (, Sanindusa (, Nuovvo (
Kitchen Apliances: Falmec (, Bruma (, Rodi (, Bosh (, Siemens (
Electrical Equipment: Efapel (
Architectural Hardware: JNF (
Walls: Knauf (, Artebel (
Window Frames: Cortizo (
Interior lighting: Ineslam ( + Normo (
Interior Wall Painting: CIN (
Waterproofing: Mapei (
Insulation: Dow (

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Location: Portugal, southwestern Europe

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