L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, Place Mazas

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal Paris, Place Mazas Building, Architect, Canal Saint Martin Design

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, Place Mazas

Réinventer la Seine Building at Place Mazas Site – design by SO – IL / Laisné Roussel architects

19 Jul 2017

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, Place Mazas, Paris

Design: SO – IL Architects with laisné roussel

Location: Place Mazas, Paris, France

Place Mazas – Réinventer la Seine

SO – IL and Laisné Roussel architects have won the international competition for the Place Mazas site in Paris with the project titled L’Atelier de l’Arsenal.

The architecture competition was organized by the city of Paris as part of Reinventer La Seine, a call for innovative proposals at the intersection of architecture, creative urbanism, and development on sites along the river.

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, Place Mazas Paris | www.e-architect.com

Place Mazas is an important area for Paris, located at the end of the Bastille Axis and at the junction of the Canal Saint Martin and the Seine River. It’s also a nexus of future urban development, including the upcoming waterfront park, parc Rives de Seine.

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, Place Mazas Paris | www.e-architect.com

Considering this unique location, the design proposal integrates the site into the historical fabric of Paris while presenting a new, flexible urban strategy, creating the potential for further civic transformation.

The proposal features three new public spaces; a seven-story wood structure with co-living and social housing units; and a building that will accommodate public facilities including co-working spaces, a fabrication lab, and a multi-purpose room for cultural activities. An exterior terrace will offer ample views to the river and the Parisian cityscape.

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, Place Mazas Paris | www.e-architect.com

The design also incorporates Aurore, a homeless facility already established on site . It hosts space for the Yacht Club of Bastille as well as new waterfront activities, like a public swimming pool and pools for biodiversity research and water quality monitoring.

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal integrates into the urban landscape and gives the public a new access to the site. It is a collaborative effort between architects, developers, program consultants, and residents that is built on community.

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, Place Mazas Paris | www.e-architect.com


SO – IL Architect
“We are very excited to work on such a unique site in Paris. Our proposal suggests a
dynamic approach in city making, one that considers history as well as the complexity of
today’s conditions while allowing room to accommodate future transformation.”
– Ilias Papageorgiou, Partner

laisné roussel:
“The design of the Atelier de L’Arsenal is motivated by our conviction that architecture
is everyone’s business. In our view, urban resilience and the collective practices
developed for and by users are two major challenges for the cities of tomorrow. “
– Nicolas Laisné and Dimitri Roussel, Partners


REI Habitat
Lead Developer

The REI Group was created in 2009 by Paul Jarquin who, after spending ten years in
the United States, decided to embark on an eco-responsible real estate development
firm specializing in wood-structure construction. The company, based in Montreuil, has
today delivered 6 operations; ie. 100 housing units, including the tallest free-standing
wooden structure – six stories – in the Ile de France and 1000 more in development. REI
is experiencing particularly rapid growth and is recognized by its peers as a pioneer of
wood structure construction.


Icade Promotion Logement places diversity at the heart of its projects by developing
a wide range of typologies accessible to all types of budgets. Icade collaborates with
experienced and innovative project management teams, French and international,
to provide a quality living environment and ensure the well-being of future residents.
Sustainable development is central to all projects. The creation of innovative mixed
neighborhoods that respond to the challenges of new urban uses.


SO–IL is a New york based architectural design firm that envisions spaces for culture,
learning and innovation. As a collective of diverse thinkers and makers, the office
engages with the ever changing social, economic and natural environment through
active dialogue that considers context, function, and opportunity. SO-IL was founded
in 2008 by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu and since 2013 is lead with partner Ilias

laisné roussel

Laisné roussel is an architecture agency created in 2003 by Nicolas Laisné and
joined in 2010 by Dimitri Roussel. The agency brings together 30 collaborators with
international and multidisciplinary profiles working in the fields of architecture, urban
planning, research and development. Its production extends from the individual house
to the urban masterplan. The firm realizes housing, offices and equipment for both the
private and public sphere.

Atelier Georges
Landscape Architect / Urban Planner

Atelier Georges is a young urban planning, landscape and architecture firm founded in
the spring of 2014 by two architects and two landscape engineers. Based in Paris and
Nantes, the workshop develops a method of co-production by “places of negotiation”
which has earned the firm the Young Urbanists 2014 prize, as well as the Europan
session 11 (Pôle Gare de Savenay), session 12 (City Campus of Paris-Saclay) and
session 13 (Montreuil).

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal Paris – Building Information

Place Mazas – Paris, FRANCE
REI Habitat, Icade Promotion
SO – IL, laisné roussel
Atelier Georges, Manifesto, Office for Cities, WoMa, Yacht Club Paris Bastille, Aurore,
Colonies, Institut du Monde Arabe, Base Tara, Cluster EMS, Innogur, Elioth, Acousteb,
Sinteo, Maitre Cube, Francilibois
3D Images
Weiss Images
60,000 sf / 5,590 m²

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, Place Mazas images / information received 190717


Location: Place Mazas, Paris, France

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