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Pajol Sports Centre Paris

New Paris Building, France: Architecture design by Brisac Gonzalez Architects

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18th arrondissement, Paris, France – near Gare du Nord

Design: Brisac Gonzalez Architects

Rue Pajol Sports Centre Paris building
photograph : Geraldine Adrieu

Centre Sportif Pajol

Pajol Sports Centre Paris
photo : Geraldine Adrieu

Pajol Sports Centre is a new facility in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Arranged over three levels, the building is formed of two opaque volumes at lower ground and upper levels, which sandwich a transparent public space at entry level.

Centre Sportif Pajol Centre Sportif Pajol Sports Centre Paris Sports Centre Paris Building Sports Center Paris Building
photos : Geraldine Adrieu

The lower ground level accommodates the martial arts and fitness centres. The 47 by 24 metre sports hall is located on the upper level to take advantage of even natural daylighting via a series of north facing sculpted roof lights. On the entry level, the building opens onto a large terrace along the eastern façade.

Sports Centre Paris Pajol Sports Centre Sports Centre Paris Building Pajol Sports Centre Building by Brisac Gonzalez Architects Sports Centre Paris
photos : Geraldine Adrieu

With the use of natural daylight, natural ventilation and photovoltaic panels the centre requires minimum energy use and incorporates many renewable materials. It will set the benchmark for a new environmental certification for sports centres in France.

Centre Sportif Pajol
photo : Christine Anquet

Pajol Sports Centre – Building Information

Client: City of Paris
Architect: Brisac Gonzalez Architects
Summary: Sports Centre comprising martial arts studios, fitness facilities and a youth centre
Project value: £ 6,500,000
Gross Floor area: 4,060 sqm
Location: Paris
Status: Built
Project start date: 2007
Date: Completion 2012
Cost: £6,500,000
Collaborators: structure – VP&GREEN; services and electrical – INEX; cost – RPO; Environmental – TERAO; acoustics – Point d’Orgue
Address: Centre Sportif Pajol, Rue Pajol, 22ter, 75018 Paris, France

Pajol Sports Centre
photo from Brisac Gonzalez Architects


Pajol Sports Centre

Design: Brisac Gonzalez Architects

News Update – Feb 2010

Planning Consent approved

New images 11 Jan 2008:

Pajol Sports Centre by Brisac Gonzalez Architects
photo : Sally Spencer Davies

Summary: A new complex comprising martial arts studios, fitness facilities and a youth centre

Paris Sports Centre Pajol Sports Centre design by Brisac Gonzalez Architects Site Plan Paris Sports Centre Building

Pajol Sports Centre Design – Building Information

Client: Ville de Paris
Value: £ 5.5m
Area: 3,700sqm
Location: Pajol, near Gare du Nord
Site: brownfield
Facade material: prefabricated concrete elements

Elevations Plans by Brisac Gonzalez Architects Building Sections Sections

Centre Sportif Pajol images / information from Brisac Gonzalez Architects

Brisac Gonzalez

Sports Centre building

Location: Centre Sportif Pajol, Rue Pajol, 22ter, 75018 Paris, France, western Europe

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