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Oslo House : Architecture

Contemporary Norwegian Home – design by Einar Bjarki Malmquist

7 May 2010

House in Oslo

Design: Einar Bjarki Malmquist, Architect MNAL MArch

The house is located in Nils Collett Vogts vei

Oslo House, Einar Bjarki Malmquist

Photos: Ivan Brodey

Oslo home Oslo residence

Location: uphill, north-west from the center of Oslo, just beneath Holmennkollen skijump

“We weren¹t looking for a design house, just a solid, practical house. I love being outside, I would actually prefer to be outside all the time so it was very important to draw nature inside. I feel free here.”
Owner in interview with Torbjorn Goa

Norwegian Home Norwegian House Norwegian Home

The “new house” is on the inside of a house from the late 70s­ a transformation hidden from the street. The visitor can experience a layered secret world of architecture entering the inside.  The house is develeped in close cooperation with the client, as a daylight-machine, a frame and
inspiration for the daily family life.
Oslo property Oslo house Oslo residence

Einar Bjarki Malmquist, Architect MNAL MArch

Oslo House images / information from EB Malmquist

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Location: Nils Collett Vogts vei, Oslo, Norway

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