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Contemporary Residential Buildings from around the world – Innovative House Desighs

post updated 1 October 2021

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Contemporary Homes

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of New Home Designs.

We cover completed new homes, new house designs and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings.

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Cambridge Houses
New Home in Cambridge
photo © Adrian Welch

Dublin Homes
New Dublin House
photograph : Paul Tierney photography

New Edinburgh Homes
New home in Edinburgh
photo : Paul Zanre

New Glasgow Houses
New Home in Glasgow
picture from architects

New London Houses
New London Property
photograph from architects

Los Angeles Homes
Los Angeles Home
photo : Mike Manzoori / Sam McGuire

Madrid Homes
New home in Madrid
picture from architects

Stuttgart Houses
SU House Stuttgart
photo : Zooey Braun, Stuttgart

Sydney Houses
Sydney House
photograph © Brett Boardman

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Modern Houses

Contemporary Residential Properties – Recent Selection

Cloud House, Lizard Head Pass, Colorado Plateau, USA
Design: Axis Mundi
Cloud House Colorado House at Lizard Head Pass Residence
image : Axis Mundi
Cloud House – 13 Apr 2012
This new American residence is a planned weekend retreat, which is situated on a promontory high along a ridge of the Colorado Plateau. The site offers panoramic views from numerous vantage points. The house is nestled in a grove of dramatic Aspen trees.

Kingsley Place House, Highgate, north London, UK
Design: Zuber Architecture
House in Highgate
photograph : Mel Yates
Kingsley Place House – 18 Apr 2012
New build family home built within a conservation area of an award-winning 60’s development in North London. The project retains references to the 60’s development and responds to the flexibility required of modern family living.

Casa Syntes Pinto
Design: dosmasuno arquitectos
Casa Madrid
photograph : Miguel de Guzmán
Casa Syntes Pinto – added 29 Apr 2012
A garden house. A house between courtyards.
The project had to face two preliminary constraints: a surrounding area burdened by the aesthetic and cultural tradition of the Spanish row-house concept and, on the other hand, the plot’s exposure to solar radiation during the hottest months of the year.

House in Juso, north of Cascais, west of Lisbon, southwest Portugal
Design: ARX Portugal + Stefano Riva
Juso House
photograph : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
New Portuguese House – 23 Feb 2012
In the concept for this small house in the vicinity of Aldeia de Juso, the tiniest area of flat land and the house’ s, as well as the high density of the new houses yet to be built in the surroundings, forcibly draw us to some sort of “obsession” about the possibilities of dilating space.

20th Century Houses

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