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Kingsley Place House

Highgate Property, North London Residence design by Zuber Architecture

18 Apr 2012

Kingsley Place Property

House in Highgate

Design: Zuber Architecture

Project Summary

13 Kingsley Place, Highgate, London, N6 5EA

New build family home built within a conservation area of an award-winning 1960s development in North London. The project retains references to the 60’s development and responds to the flexibility required of modern family living.

House in Highgate
photograph : Mel Yates

The house is built on an elevated sloping site with good views across London. A focal central courtyard and protected rear deck provide a threaded continuity between shelter, part shelter and surrounding context.

The majority of accommodation, bedrooms, bathrooms, living and study are provided on the ground floor. A new lower ground has been created to include a guest/games room, en-suite and a two-tiered hard-scape/soft-scape entertainment zone.

Project Description

Kingsley Place is part of an award-winning 60’s large development in Highgate, North London. Built on a steep sloping site, 13 Kingsley Place is one of three bungalows located at the centre of the development.

House in Highgate Residence Property Highgate House in Highgate Residence Property Highgate 13 Kingsley Place Residence Property Highgate Kingsley Place Residence Property Highgate
photographs : Mel Yates

The clients Rob & Jemima Sanders have two young daughters, Ruby 10 & Rosa 4. Although they enjoy the 60’s attributes of the bungalow it was insufficient for their family needs with only two bedrooms, a single bathroom and a back yard which was difficult to access and too steep to use.

Clients Brief

– Create an additional bedroom, bathroom, study, guest room and external deck.
– Provide a practical back yard that can be enjoyed with improved access from the house.
– Consideration to be given to the attributes of the existing 60’s design.
– The design and construction should stand the test of time.
– The new rear elevation should be something they are proud to look at.

The sloping site was utilized to create additional lower ground accommodation. The garden itself was terraced to make a useful practical amenity. The appealing court yard was retained and developed into a column free glazed enclosure. Natural materials have been used throughout for their durability and aesthetic. The contemporary rear elevation has been design to flow into the garden space by creating a seamless cladding line that runs across the roof parapet, folds across and down the external seating booth and drops down to the lower ground via the staircase.

Planning & Social Constraints

The project is located in a conservation area, therefore although the existing structure was demolished the front and side street facades were maintained. By contrast there was a lot of freedom in the treatment of the new rear elevation.

The Kingsley Place development is a close knit community comprising many retired professionals. Change and an on-going construction site required a sensitive treatment to immediate neighbours and the Kingsley Place Committee Group.

13 Kingsley Place Residence Property Highgate Kingsley Place Residence Property Highgate House in Highgate Residence Property Highgate
photos : Mel Yates

Materials & Construction

The new build is a timber framed construction utilising the existing foundations and concrete ground beams.
Natural materials play an important part of the quality and atmosphere of the home. A limited palette of materials and tonal colours has been adhered to throughout the design to achieve durable spaces that feel calved out of the whole.

Interior – Brazilian Slate has been used for the bathrooms and courtyard; concrete work benches to the kitchen; black American walnut panels to the feature walls and Panga-Panga flooring used throughout with a durable coating to resist fading from direct sunlight.

Exterior – Vertical Sapele hardwood cladding has been used on the rear elevation with a black stain to reflect the parapets of the neighbouring property. The cladding within the covered deck area has been treated with a clear varnish to give the appearance that it has been ‘scooped’ out revealing a warmer interior.

Programme & Budget Constraints

Previous building:
House in Highgate Residence Property Highgate
photo from Zuber Architecture

Zuber Architecture was first commissioned in November 2008 to undertake the works. Several different schemes, including a two storey option with a double height central courtyard were explored and tested before progressing to the final scheme.

Demolition works began in November 2010 with practical completion achieved in November 2011. A negotiated tender process ensued to bring the contract sum down to the cost it was delivered.

long section ; ground plan ; lower ground plan
Kingsley Place Residence Property Highgate 13 Kingsley Place Residence Property Highgate House in Highgate Residence Property Highgate
images : Zuber Architecture

House on Kingsley Place – Building Information

Budget: 500k
Actual Cost: 550k (excl. ext. works)
Build Period: 12 months

Photographer: Mel Yates +44 7973 377836 www.melyates.com

House in Highgate images / information from Zuber Architecture

Location: 13 Kingsley Place, Highgate, London, N6 5EA, UK

London, England, UK

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