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Quartz Co Boutique in Montréal, Quebec

3 Nov 2020

Quartz Co Boutique

Design: Quartz Co., Blanchette Architectes and Rainville Sangaré

Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Quartz Co Boutique Montreal

Quartz Co, a company specializing in Canadian-made winter jackets, enlisted Blanchette Architectes, Rainville Sangaré, and A+ to develop its first retail space located at 5445 avenue De Gaspé, in Montréal. The furniture was designed and built by Rainville Sangaré, while Blanchette Architectes was responsible for space design. The two firms worked in conjunction with the marketing team at Quartz Co. as well as the project-management team at A+.

Quartz Co Boutique Montreal

“We see this first space as a sort of laboratory; our goal is to open more Quartz Co. stores around the globe in the coming years,” said Francis Guindon, Director of Global Marketing and Communications at Quartz Co. “As part of this exercise, we had to take into consideration the new reality of retail, including a multi-channel brand experience, a high-end approach, a showroom-like physical atmosphere, and a personalized-service strategy.”

Quartz Co Boutique Montreal Quartz Co Boutique Montreal

“At the architectural level, our mandate was to develop a unique universe by focusing on minimalism, timelessness, and innovation,” said Patrick Blanchette, Architect and President of Blanchette Architectes.

Quartz Co Boutique Montreal

On one side of the space is the workshop. Visible from the street, it proudly highlights the fact that the brand’s wares are manufactured locally. On the other side is the boutique, which features an interplay of lights, mirrors, grids, and screens developed by Blanchette Architectes as well as custom-made furniture by Rainville Sangaré. The mirrored walls, which are punctuated by displays of coats in alcoves, offer an alternate perception of the space, and the double reflection provides the customer with multiple views — useful when trying on clothes.

Quartz Co Boutique Montreal

Rainville Sangaré used its expertise in noble materials and manufacturing processes to create harmony between the presentation of products and the physical and visual comforts sought by the customer. In addition to the furniture, the studio designed a system of stainless-steel poles that don’t need to be attached to the walls; instead, friction and tension hold them in place. Hardware and fastening pieces were left visible to demonstrate the accuracy with which the job was carried out. Ash – locally sourced and FSC-certified – was used because its texture contrasts with the other materials and because it adds a touch of warmth to space.

“It is an approach to design that reveals the quality of materials and the rigor of the workmanship; this aligns with the vision of the company, which also develops its products with this approach,” explained Lambert Rainville, Industrial Designer and Co-founder of Rainville Sangaré.

A combination of industrial precision and artistic sensibility, the design is a reflection of how Quartz Co. creates and manufactures its coats. The interior details speak to the brand’s quest for handmade high-end products. Since the coats are made locally, the design choices for space also had to tell this story, which is why the teams opted for materials such as ash, the most common wood species on the island of Montreal, and solid industrial materials such as concrete and stainless steel.

Quartz Co Boutique Montreal Quartz Co Boutique Montreal

Quartz Co Boutique in Montréal – Building Information

Interior design:Quartz Co, Blanchette Architectes and Rainville Sangaré
Client: Quartz Co.
Furniture and shelving system: Rainville Sangaré et Mesure
Design and construction management: A+

About Quartz Co.
Founded in Québec in 1997, Quartz Co. has earned a leading position in the premium winter coat industry in Canada and abroad. Led since 2015 by three brothers, Jean-Philippe, François-Xavier, and Guillaume Robert, Quartz Co. is growing at a remarkable pace. Its coats are lightweight, recognized for their exceptional reliability and resistance to northern climates. They are now sold in over twenty countries, primarily in Canada, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Norway, and Greenland, with major fashion banners and outerwear stores.

Solidly established in Québec with two factories in Victoriaville and Montréal and a boutique and design studio in Mile End, Quartz Co. is part of the new generation of Canadian winter coat manufacturers, driving our tradition of excellence to new heights.

About Blanchette Architectes
Blanchette Architectes, founded by Patrick Blanchette and Kevin Lavigne in 2018, has completed nearly 50 architectural projects. Blanchette Architectes works on everything from single-family and multi-unit residential developments to corporate and retail projects. The founders’ sensibilities have led them to assemble a collegial, multi-disciplinary team focused on developing carefully crafted architectural narratives. The winner of the Grand Prix de la Relève (best newcomer) at the 13th annual Grands Prix du Design, one of the ten Merit Awards at the Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents (SDAY 2019), as well as the German Design Award 2021, Blanchette Architectes has quickly made a name for itself in the architecture community.

About Rainville Sangaré
Rainville Sangaré is based in Montreal, Canada. They are a team of multidisciplinary thinkers executing futureproof projects. Every project is client-driven and enables a focused approach combining avant-garde design and sustainability. They collaborate with local industry to bring to life vibrant interiors, crafted furniture, and desirable products. With international recognition for their work in the commercial and private sectors, Rainville Sangaré has collaborated with clients such as Goodee, Quartz Co., EQ3, and Umbra.

Quartz Co Boutique Montreal

Photography: Rainville Sangaré

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Address: Montréal, Québec, Canada

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