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Ten House

Veracruz Home, Contemporary Mexican Residence design by Taller ADC Architecture Office

28 Dec 2016

Ten House in Veracruz

Location: Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico

Design: Taller ADC Architecture Office

Ten House is a family house project developed in a rectangular piece of land with a light slope of 5% towards its end.

Ten House in Veracruz Ten House in Veracruz

The house was originally designed for a market with undefined customers. For this, Taller ADC Architecture Office decided to detach it from the stigmas of usual requirements of the program, (where more construction contained is more profitable)

Ten House in Veracruz Ten House in Veracruz

Thus this generated a reinterpretation of the function in which a higher quality is given to the resident, with views of the recreational and social areas, making the house richer in spaces, conclusions and atmosphere.

Ten House in Veracruz Ten House in Veracruz

The solution was based on determining the architectonic program areas within a mínimum rectangular area, rotating it ten degrees, without altering the program, in a way that the house would face the back part of the track of land.

This is where a swimming pool was designed in a trapezoidal shape, which is visually and partially compressed by the house volume and by the finished concrete wall from which a waterfall emerges.

Ten House in Veracruz

On its ground level, the house functions like a free open system within the property, contained inside clear glases that can be moved bidirectionaly and where the dining and living rooms are located, plus a half bathroom and a kitchen which is protected by a finished concrete wall towards the house entrance.

It also has a light staircase, made of steel plate which leads you to the upper level where three bedrooms are located contained within a more solid volume. All three bedrooms have balconies.

Ten House in Veracruz Ten House in Veracruz

These are supported by IPR beams and Irving grid steel, unbalancing its lightness with finished concrete walls containing flower pots with ornament elements with a view to the swimming pool.

Ten House in Veracruz

The windows of the main facade (front) of the house are covered with multiperforated panels of aluminium designed to protect the intimacy without taking off the interior light of the house.

Ten House in Veracruz

The materiality of the house is dominated by the use of concretes. The columns, walking paths and swimming pool are elements that were cast in situ with finished white concrete.

Ten House in Veracruz

The wall that protects the kitchen on the front, as well as the wall on the rear containing services, and standing also as pinnacle for the living room and swimming pool is made of finished grey concrete with lines emphasizing the horizontality of the construction.

Ten House in Veracruz Ten House in Veracruz

Ten House in Veracruz – Building Information

Project: Ten House
Architectural Design: Carlos Antonio Castillo / Jimena Díaz Lombardo / Jorge Carrillo
Collaborators: Cindy Gutiérrez, Luis Griz, Emanuel Stoll, Amada Gómez
Structural engineering: Carlos Caballero / Juan Domínguez
Contractor: Taller ADC
Area: 172 sqm
Site: Alvarado, Veracruz, México
Date: 2014

Photography: Rafael Gamo

Ten House in Veracruz Ten House in Veracruz

Ten House in Veracruz images / information from Taller ADC Architecture Office

Location: Alvarado, Veracruz, México, North America

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