vc1 Residential Complex, Cesena Renovated Homes, Italian Architecture Project, Images

vc1 Residential Complex in Cesena

Emilia-Romagna Residential Development in Italy – design by tissellistudioarchitetti

7 Jul 2017

vc1 Residential Complex

Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti

Location: Cesena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

vc1 Residential Complex

vc1 Residential Complex Cesena

A project of residential architecture that challenges the anonymity of the suburbs.

vc1 Residential Complex Emilia-Romagna

The project counted the realization of a building to the residential destination inside a lot not built and not reached by public services like roads, illumination, sewerages, etc… There is an area of considerable dimensions to manage; inside this area it has been necessary to organize, laying down the Public Administration, the whole public works system that would have been then a service to the building: the access road to the building races along two sides of the quadrangular perimeter of the lot, conducting the cars to the area predisposed to open parking lot, and an ample green zone faces the residences.

vc1 Residential Complex in Cesena vc1 Residential Complex

Everything is also in the service of a building with parking lot at the basement and that it develops out on three levels on earth: eight apartments fairly divided in the first two floors and only one apartment with garret of pertinence.

vc1 Residential Complex

vc1 Residential Complex Italy

Beyond a mere functional description of the intervention, action focus is still the wish to reinstate the architectural quality to the directional vertexes of the building intervention, refusing the homologation to the reassuring and anonymous morphology of the surrounding buildings.

vc1 Residential Complex vc1 Residential Complex

The classical and consolidated residential functions can be found in a ‘box’ which does not refuse the archetype of the parallelepiped volume, but even in the tension of the planning search it ìlivesî and rotates along a parallel axle to the ground almost lifting from earth the look of its more representative face.

vc1 Residential Complex Cesena

Cleanliness and compactness of the prospects are the aims always pursued and happily reached through the use of a simple and direct language, particularly evident in the formulation of the principal prospects: ample balconies extend themselves along the front whole length, but a single graphic sign coordinates the complexity of the system-prospect of the openings, synthesizing the single elements in an unique dominant motive, in the identification profile of the whole architectural body.

vc1 Residential Complex Cesena

vc1 Residential Complex

vc1 Residential Complex in Cesena – Building Information

Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti
Project size: 827 sqm
Site size: 3492 sqm
Completion date: 2006
Building levels: 5

vc1 Residential Complex

Photography: tissellistudioarchitetti

vc1 Residential Complex in Cesena images / information received 070717

Location: Cesena, Italy, southern Europe

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