House in Miglionico, Basilicata Residential Building, Southern Italy Development, Italian Architecture

House in Miglionico, Italy

New Italian Residential Property – design by OSA Architettura E Paesaggio

16 Aug 2013

Casa Miglionico

Design: OSA Architettura E Paesaggio

Location: Miglionico, Basilicata, Italy

Contemporary House in Miglionico

The house is situated along the north-eastern slope of a hill that separates the Bradano and Basento rivers and slopes gently down to the lake of S. Giuliano. It covers a total area of 630 sqm on a plot of 7 hectares.

House in Miglionico Italy
photo : Massimo Acito

The quality of the context suggested the idea of preserving the orographic profile with volumes above ground following the natural contour of the slope, creating a timeless architecture in the rural landscape. The site plan consists of a sequence of terraced areas and courtyards, in a spatial continuum between internal and external spaces.

House in Miglionico Italy
photo : Massimo Acito

The strict geometries of the plant give rise to warm, inner domestic spaces; the volumes of services (bathrooms, storerooms, kitchen, laundry)define the rooms of the house that are arranged in succession along a linear path. All rooms enjoy a panoramic view over the lake below. The distribution spaces are articulated in the rear area, mediating the relationship with the courtyards. Wide windows frame the landscape alternating with blind walls.

House in Miglionico Italy House in Miglionico Italy House in Miglionico Italy House in Miglionico Italy
photos : Massimo Acito

The concrete roof, ostentatiously exhibited soffit, rests on “bearing boxes” and serves as ordering element in the changing and articulated perspectives, in which the boundary between interior and exterior looks ambiguous to the observer. The vegetation that covers it merges with the surrounding land reducing the visual impact until it is completely cancelled in the view from the top.

In the downhill terracing area two accommodations for guests are placed. The use of materials such as concrete, stone and wood help creating a profile of mediterranean house; the game of light and shadows characterize its architecture. The correct exposure of the environment, the control of ventilation and daylight, the collection and reuse of rainwater, solar panels and the green roof help isolating and mitigating the internal microclimate ensuring sustainability aspects.

House in Miglionico images / information received from OSA Architettura E Paesaggio

Location: Miglionico, Basilicata, Italy, southern Europe

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