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Italian Building Designs

Key Property + Architecture Developments in Italy, southern Europe

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Building Designs in Italy

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Italian Building Designs. We cover completed buildings, new building designs and architecture competitions across Italy. The focus is on contemporary Italian buildings but information on traditional Italian buildings is also welcome.

We have 5 pages of contemporary Italian Architecture selections.

Italian Architecture in major cities : news + key projects

Italian Architecture Designs in major cities : A-F

Italian Building Developments in major cities : G-P

Italian Building Designs in major cities : Q-Z (this page)

Italian Buildings : Projects outwith major cities

New Italian Building Designs

Contemporary Italian Building Designs, alphabetical:

Reggio Emilia Developments

Rimini Architecture

Rome Architecture – capital of Italy

Ara Pacis Museum
Design: Richard Meier Architects
Ara Pacis Museum
photo © Adrian Welch
Ara Pacis Museum
Rome’s new mayor announced in April 2008 his intention to destroy the museum by Richard Meier that was only completed in 2006. Mayor Gianni Alemanno claimed it isn’t his top priority though.

British Embassy Building
Design: Basil Spence Architect
British Embassy Rome
picture © Adrian Welch
British Embassy Rome Building
The Embassy building at Rome’s Porta Pia was designed by the British architect Sir Basil Spence, and opened in 1971. It is a two-storey, square plan building, supported on pilotti (pillars) and built around a courtyard.

MAXXI : National Contemporary Arts Centre
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Maxxi Rome Italian Building Design
photo : Roland Halbe
The MAXXI_Museum is the first national museum dedicated to contemporary creativity, designed as a multidisciplinary space for experimentation and innovation in arts and architecture. The complex houses two institutions: MAXXI Arte (Director Anna Mattirolo) and MAXXI Architecture (Director Margherita Guccione), aiming to promote art and architecture through collection, conservation, study and exhibition of contemporary works.

Piazza Augusteo : Italian Rationalist design
Design: Luigi Moretti; V. Ballio-Morpugo
Piazza Augusteo buildings
picture © Adrian Welch
Piazza Augusteo buildings

Music Auditoria
Design: Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW)
Music Complex Rome Italian Building Designs
photograph © Adrian Welch
Music Complex Rome

Palazzetto dello Sport
Design: Pier Luigi Nervi
Palazzetto dello Sport
picture © Adrian Welch
Palazzetto dello Sport

Stadio Olympico
Design: Annibale Vitellozzi
Stadio Olympico Roma
photo © Adrian Welch
Stadio Olympico Roma

Stazione Termini
Design: various architects
Rome Railway Station Italian Building Designs
photo © Adrian Welch
Rome Railway Station

Architecture in Turin

Domino, Turin, north west Italy
Design: MARC
Domino Torino Turin
photo : Beppe Giardino
Domino Turin
A big web-marketing agency moves into a conventional four-storey building out of the city center. It promotes a contest among design offices, asking an architecture able to represent and strengthen the identity of its immaterial work, without relying on predictable cyberpunk or – worse – high-tech languages.

House in Mathi, Turin, north west Italy
Property in Mathi Turin
photo : Beppe Giardino
House in Mathi

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates, Turin
Tosetto Weigmann & Associates
photo : Beppe Giardino
Tosetto Weigmann & Associates

Urbino Developments

Venetian Buildings

Jesolo Magica complex
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Jesolo Magica architecture in Italy
image from architect
Jesolo Magica Venice Buildings

Jesolo Lido Village Buildings
Design: Richard Meier & Partners, Architects LLP
Jesolo Lido Village Italian Building Designs
photo : Roland Halbe
Jesolo Lido Village

New Mestre Hospital Building
Design: Studio Altieri Spa
New Mestre Hospital Italian Building Designs
photo : Moreno Maggi
New Mestre Hospital Building

Nursery School Building, Treviso
Design: C+S Associati
Nursery School Treviso Italian Building Designs
image from architect
Nursery School Treviso

Quarto Ponte sul Canal Grande
Design: Santiago Calatrava
Quarto Ponte sul Canal Grande Venice, Barbara Burg/Oliver Schuh
Grand Canal Bridge Venice

Serpentine Building, Treviso, Veneto
D+R dipiuerre architettura
Serpentine Building
image from architects
Serpentine Building Treviso

TMCC cultural centre Building
C+S Associati
TMCC Cultural Centre Italian Building Designs
image from architect
Venetian cultural centre

Water Filtration Plant
C+S Associati
Water Filtration Plant Venice
photo : Pietro Savorelli
Depuratore San Erasmo

The wave, Entrance of the 60th Film Festival
Design: C+S Associati
The Wave Venice
photograph : Marco Zanta
The Wave Venice Building


Veronese Architecture

New Surgery Centre, City of Verona Borgo Trento Maggiore Hospital, Veneto
Studio Altieri
Verona Borgo Trento Maggiore Hospital - Italian Building Designs
image from architect
Verona Borgo Trento Maggiore Hospital
The original nucleus of the Borgo Trento Hospital Complex, in Verona, was the Alessandri Children’s Hospital, which was inaugurated in 1914 and comprised a single line of buildings looking onto the current Via Mameli. In 1942 the buildings comprising the expanded hospital system were inaugurated, being situated in the area to the south-west of the Alessandri hospital.

More Italian Building Designs online soon

Italian Buildings – No Images

Italian Building Designs in major cities : P-Z

Ravello auditorium
Date: 2003-
Design: Oscar Niemeyer Architect
£13m approximate building construction cost

Reggio Nell’Emilia Central Motorway Bridge, Reggio Emilia
Date built: 2007
Santiago Calatrava

San Giacomo Parish Complex, Foligno
Date built: 2008
Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas

San Paolo Parish Complex of Foligno, Umbria, central Italy
Date built: 2009
San Paolo Parish Complex Foligno

Sesto San Giovanni – Apartment block
Date built: 1950
Giancarlo De Carlo

Stone House, Tavole

Herzog & de Meuron

Twin Complex – Piccola Perrera + Fitzcarraldo,Grammichele, Catania, Sicily
NOWA (NavarraOfficeWalkingArchitecture)
Mies van der Rohe Awards 2009 Nominee

University Hospital of Santa Chiara redevelopment, Santa Chiara, Pisa
David Chipperfield Architects
Architecture Competition win

More Italian architecture designs online soon

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