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Jesolo Magica Venice Hotel

Venice Hotel, Conference Center & Spa, Italy design by Zaha Hadid Architects

11 Mar 2010

Jesolo Magica Venice Hotel & Spa

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Jesolo is one of Italy’s most established seaside resorts and the design of Jesolo Magica makes full advantage of its location near the Venice Lagoon.

Jesolo Resort Hotel, Conference Center & Spa

Jesolo Magica Jesolo Magica

The project aims to be the catalyst for reinvention and regeneration – giving the of the town of Jesolo an excellent opportunity to further develop as a conference and holiday destination. The design creates a continuum of fluid space that instigates a renewed sense of possibility.

Jesolo Magica Jesolo Magica Jesolo Magica Jesolo Magica

The disparate elements of the Jesolo Magica complex fit together to form a coherent field of buildings, each one separate – but logically connected to the next in a continually changing ensemble. The volumes encompassing the retail centre “open-up” around a central space, like the petals of a flower. The hotel building forms the final “petal”, framing the views over the adjacent lagoon.

In addition to offices, retail spaces and restaurants, the Jesolo Magica project features a hotel with conference center, spa, nightclub and outdoor spaces for events. It is due to be completed in 2014. Zaha Hadid Architects are based in London and are one of the most celebrated architecture studios in the world. They are known for innovative, organic forms and for pushing the boundaries of architecture by using parametric design.

Jesolo Magica Jesolo Magica Jesolo Magica Jesolo Magica

Hotel, Conference center and spa: 42 Million Euros
Retail, Gym and Restaurant: 42 Million Euros

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Zaha Hadid

Location: Jesolo Lido, Italy, southern Europe

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