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Sant’Erasmo island cultural centre design by C+S Associati, Italy

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TMCC cultural centre in Sant’Erasmo island

Design: C+S Associati

Situated in front of Lido openings, Sant’Erasmo island is a part of the North Park inside the Laguna of Venice which has the main aims of the definition and promotion of natural, archeological, historical and cultural valences.

Venice Lagoon Building

TMCC Cultural Centre Venice Lagoon Building, Sant'Erasmo

It is the first public space of a huge program of riqualification which includes many other islands, in the aim of reconnecting them one to each other and to the City of Venice. The perspective is to offer a suggestive journey though tle landscape of the Lagune.

TMCC Cultural Centre Sant'Erasmo island Sant'Erasmo Cultural Centre Sant'Erasmo island Cultural Centre Sant'Erasmo island Cultural Centre building

Sant’Erasmo has a surface of 325 ectars which were planned inside a programm agreement between Magistrato alle Acque of Venice, Veneto Region and Comune of Venice, which delegate the management to Magistrato alle Acque of Venice and Consorzio Venezia Nuova.

It is a very huge planning concerning high water defence, infrastrcture design, water entries of the island and docks, small squares, a new beach and its services, parking terminals, a hospital point, landscape design, and which gives back to the city of Venice a very important monument, by the restoration of the ‘Torre Massimiliano’, where cultural structures and the possible centre of the park will take place.
The monument was built by the Austrian in 1834 and is the first restored one of about seventy more which will build a kind of net inside the Laguna.

The project
The project aim Is that of reading the traces, impressed and stratified on the ground of the island and on its border system, recognizing the most important elements of the growing processes, becoming the structure of the general design of Sant’Erasmo.
The project of the south-west bord and that of the north-east bord are the first ones built of a process which will offer a renovated ‘sight’ to the island system and the Laguna itself.

TMCC Cultural Centre Sant'Erasmo island TMCC Cultural Centre Venice Lagoon Building Sant'Erasmo island TMCC Cultural Centre Venice Building Sant'Erasmo island TMCC Cultural Centre Venice

The defence system and the ‘Torre Massimiliana’
The project for the restoration of the defence system and the ‘Torre Massimiliana’, the private and public docks, the beach and its services has some main aims:

– The conservation of a monument as a typological and constructive document of the defence system of the Laguna di Venezia with its geographical links to the landscape signs
– The building of a net which gives value to this operation inside a larger scale: the city of Venice newely linked to its island system.

The idea Is that of linking again the tower to the landscape around.
We build a new public building inside the public space around the tower, where the services for the beach and the technological net takes placs in order to leaves all the tower spaces free to a public use: exhibition spaces and flexible rooms on the first floor.
The exterior elevation is designed by a serie of horizontal lines: the plumb roof, the regular windows design, the small stone surface, which becomes a line of light bebore the inclinated grass scapes.
The inside elevation basis is made of stone and natural wood.

TMCC Cultural Centre Sant'Erasmo island Sant'Erasmo Cultural Centre Sant'Erasmo island Cultural Centre Sant'Erasmo island Cultural Centre building

TMCC cultural centre Sant’Erasmo island – Awards
Oderzo Architectural Prize, 1st Prize
Dedalo-Minosse Architectural Prize, Honourable Mention
Archés Prize, Honourable Mention
Cosenza Prize, Honourable Mention

Sant’Erasmo island cultural centre images / information from C+S Associati

C+S Associati

Location: Sant’Erasmo island, Venice, Italy

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