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Urbino Buildings : Architecture,

Contemporary Architecture Developments in Marche region, northern Italy Built Environment

Urbino Architecture

Major Marche region buildings, alphabetical:

Collegio del colle
Date built: 1962-66
Design: Giancarlo De Carlo, Architect

Urbino Development Plan
Date built: 1958-
Design: Giancarlo De Carlo, Architect

The second half of the twentieth century was characterized in Urbino by the cooperation with the major public institutions (the University and the City) by the architect Giancarlo De Carlo. This relationship began in 1956 when Carlo Bo, former rector of the University, commissioned from De Carlo the internal renovation project of Montefeltro- Bonaventure building, headquarters of the University.

Immediately after that, the Genoese architect was commissioned by the City to prepare the General Plan (1958–64) aimed at the recovery of the historical center, which had been in poor condition and was in danger of losing several neighborhoods including the Palazzo Ducale to the land subsidence below. This problem was solved thanks to state funding derived from two special laws enacted for the city (in 1968 and in 1982).
source: Urbino, Italy

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Location: Urbino, Marche, Italy, southern Europe

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Afragola Station, Napoli, southern Italy
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Afragola Station in Napoli
photograph : Jacopo Splimbergo
Afragola Station in Napoli

Winery in Chianti, central Tuscany, central Italy
Architects: IB Studio
Winery in Chianti
image Courtesy architecture office
Winery in Chianti

Tritalo Hamburger Restaurant, Palermo, Sicily, southern Italy
Design: Studio DiDeA Architetti Associati
Tritalo Restaurant
photograph : Studio DiDeA Architetti Associati
Tritalo Restaurant in Palermo

At his court, Piero della Francesca wrote on the science of perspective, Francesco di Giorgio Martini wrote his Trattato di architettura (Treatise on Architecture) and Raphael’s father, Giovanni Santi, wrote his poetical account of the chief artists of his time.

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