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Istanbul Festival of Architecture 2020 News

2 Dec 2020

Istanbul Festival of Architecture will be Held Digitally Between 5-11 December 2020

Organized by the partnership of The Circle and Binat Communication & Consultancy and under the main sponsorship of VitrA, the Istanbul Architecture Festival will address the theme of “Paradigm Shift” with events to take place between 5-11 December 2020.

Istanbul Festival of Architecture 2020 Program

Binat Communication & Consultancy, which carries out architectural publishing and sectoral communication projects, and The Circle, an architecture-oriented culture, art and research platform, has collaborated to bring an architecture festival to Istanbul.

The the Advisory Board of the Istanbul Festival of Architecture 2020, which will take place between December 5-11 is composed of İpek Akpınar, Müge Cengizkan, Ela Çil, Sibel Dalokay, Neslihan Dostoğlu, Deniz Güner, Yeşim Remember, Sinan Logie, Kerem Piker, Dürrin Süer, Ertuğ Uçar and Zuhal Ulusoy. Within the scope of the festival, the events centered on Istanbul will be organized in accordance with pandemic conditions by balancing open-air physical spaces and digital methods.

Istanbul Festival of Architecture 2020

As we leave the first 20 years of the 21st century behind, what has been done in the context of architecture has not changed radically, but the issues have changed a lot. With the theme of its first year, “Paradigm Shift”, the Istanbul Festival of Architecture aims to examine the reflections of new concepts in the architectural language on the space. The festival, which aims to establish a discussion and sharing platform with a focus on city and architecture around the determined theme, aims to protect the city rights and generate new ideas about the city through a dialogue that includes not only the architects and sector representatives but also the citizens in general.

Greek Orphanage, Büyükada, Istanbul:
Greek Orphanage, Büyükada, Istanbul
photo © Neslihan Şık

In the program of the festival, which aims to create content that will cover everyone who is interested in design and architecture and who are eager to produce a dialogue about the city from all segments of the society, the activities gathered under categories such as Kids’ Hour, Campus Zone, Cinema Time and Open Route will be organized and there will be 12 different activities organized as a result of the open call.

İstanbul Mimarlık Festivali 2020 Lansman:

Film on YouTube

Keynotes, Panels, Presentations

Istanbul Festival of Architecture’s keynote presentations are as follows: December 6, Sunday “Towards the Village: Turkey’s Changing Human Geography and Space” by Zafer Yenal.  December 8, Tuesday, “Self-Sufficient Sustainable Living” by White Arkitekter manager Oskar Norelius. December 10, Thursday “Architects Declare” by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios partner Peter Clegg.

On Saturday, December 5,  in a panel titled “Forms of Architecture: Different Geographies – Spaces – Production Methods” practices coming together with similar concerns from different geographies (BitsToAtoms, Architecture for All, Urban Dig, Urban.Koop, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Todo Por la Praxis) will discuss various aspects of the space from public to digital under the moderation of Bihter Çelik and Onur Atay.

University of Portsmouth New Academic Building:
University of Portsmouth New Academic Building
photo © FCBStudios

Docomomo Turkey’s “Docomomo on record” event series, which will take place for the first time in the Istanbul Festival of Architecture will discuss the documentation and presentation of modern heritage with the opportunities offered by partnerships in education, broadcasting, media, etc.  Within the scope of this event series, on Tuesday, December 8, Elvan Altan, Deniz Güner, Ebru Omay, Yıldız Salman and Nilüfer Yöney will come together in a panel: also Burak Öztürk, Devrim Besim Yücel, Lale Özgenel and Selda Bancı will make video presentations.

Last year was a period where a lot of us were thinking more about what we expect from educational venues and why we need them. In the session titled “What’s Changing in Schools?” Pınar Gökbayrak, Ali Eray and Burçin Yıldırım, under the moderation of Ozan Avcı, will discuss the changes in educational buildings, knowing that the schools cannot remain the same in a changing world.

In the session of the Ytong Architectural Idea Competition to be held on Wednesday, December 9, Celal Abdi Güzer, Nevzat Sayın, Melike Altınışık, Semra Uygur and Ömer Selçuk Baz will discuss the predictions for the future of architectural education and the expectations from architectural education through the projects appeared in competitions in 2019. They will also discuss the effects of the distant education experience that has been going on for two semesters.

Also, the founder of Piknik Works, Oğul Can Öztunç will share the outputs of the online workshop “Home File”, which was realized with the support of Mimarizm within the scope of the Daily Life Detectives project and will run the workshop titled “Home File: Sectional Workshop.”

Open Route Events

The stories of Azaryan Mansion, Beyaz Park Casino, Russian Embassy Summer Building, Deniz Kizi Eftalya and Kocataş Mansion will be watched live with five stops selected from the Sarıyer Tour in KarDes, the mobile application designed as a personal travel guide. Rudi Sayat Pulatyan from KarDes team and architectural historian Zafer Akay will also attend the event as narrators.

Working within the scope of intercity and international bicycle connection routes of the city, IBB Istanbul EuroVelo Coordinatorship will follow the 20 km route starting from Yarimburgaz and ending in Sazlıbosna Village in the event titled “Cycling on the Trail of Water from South to North” and will share it online with a small team.

In the “Greek Orphanage” event, on Thursday, December 10, Korhan Gümüş, Koray Aydın and Apostolos Poridis will meet with the audience for a conversation about this controversial building and a broadcast of the building tour will be made.

Kids’ Hour Activities

Cin Ali Museum Supervisor Selma Dölek will conduct a short museum tour in the event titled “Cin Ali’s Children’s Garden” where the living spaces in Cin Ali books will be discussed and the story of Filli Bahçe, where children still play games in Ankara, will be listened.

In “Kendisidir Philosophy and Art Workshop” led by Çağla Gülses questions like “How does an idea emerge? Well, where does it stand after it emerges, where is it located, when does it disappear?” will be addressed and new spaces will be designed with the help of the new ideas.

In the “Mapping Workshop with Children” event to be conducted by Gizem Kıygı from the City Detective Initiative, the participants will re-discover the city by creating their own maps of Istanbul.

In the event titled, “How do we set up HOP quickly?” Beyza Gürdoğan and Ege Sevinçli will explain how the mobile playground HOP, which was developed by Superpool with the support of the Bernard van Leer Foundation for babies and young children was created and will discuss what is required to create it.

Campus Zone Activities

Within the framework of the theme of “Paradigm Shift”, the microphone will be left to the students at the Open Platform event organized within the Campus Zone with the aim of establishing a discussion and sharing platform with a focus on city and architecture.

Student clubs / societies / unions applying to the Open Platform, bringing all kinds of architectural issues to the podium; They will discuss the issues they worry about with other students and will carry their voices beyond the campus.

Open Call Events

As a result of the open call issued with the aim of creating contents that will cover everyone who is interested in design and architecture and who are keen to produce a dialogue about the city, various projects were produced, such as workshops, speeches, games, trips and publications.

Event details and participant applications will be announced on the website and social media accounts of Istanbul Festival of Architecture.

Cinema Time with MUBI

A special selection of films compiled for the Istanbul Festival of Architecture will be on view during the festival with the support of MUBI, the digital film platform:

In addition to the film screenings, a panel titled “Architecture and Cinema” will be held on Wednesday, December 9, with the participation of Havva Alkan Bala, Asu Beşgen and Yeşim Ustaoğlu, under the moderation of Işıl Baysan Serim.


On Sunday evening, December 6, Denizhan Çay and Yasemin Kır will perform the performance titled “Table” with the choreography of Emre Yıldızlar from the theatre group Istanbul Fringe.

Istanbul Festival of Architecture is supported by VitrA as the Main Sponsor, Nippon Paint as the Open Call Sponsor, Kiptaş  as the Evening Program Sponsor, the Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association (İMİB) and Turkey Cement Manufacturers Association (TCMA) as Day Sponsors; PETRA The Flooring Co., Summa, Velux, Vemus and Ytong as Co-Sponsors and AVCI ARCHITECTS, Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul, KarDes and MUBI as Service Sponsors. The festival is organized in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul Planning Agency; Arredamento Mimarlık, bi_özet, Betonart,, Yapı and Yapı Catalog also contribute as press / media sponsors.

İstanbul Mimarlık Festivali 2020 Lansman Duyuru:

Film on YouTube

You can view the current detailed program here:

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Festival Team

Organization: The Circle and Binat Communication & Consultancy

Project Coordinators: Dilara Tekin Gezginti, Neslihan Şık, Tolgahan Akbulut

Project Team: Ece Çakır Aidan, Tolgahan Akbulut, Sena Yıldız Akgül, Selçuk Avcı, Banu Binat, Yüksel Demir, K. Bilge Erdem, Ahmet Ergenç, Dilara Tekin Gezginti, Neslihan İmamoğlu, Saitali Köknar, Sibel Senyücel, Neslihan Şık

Graphic Design: Tolgahan Akbulut

Sponsorship Relations Team: Feyza Baltacı, Ayşegül Tuğtepe

Administrative Coordination Team: İpar Demirtaş, Tuğçe Karaduman, Sinem Yılmaz

Assistants: Alp Besen, Enes Yüksel

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Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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