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Fashion Store Style Suite, Maastricht

Stokstraat Style Suite, Maastricht Fashion Store, The Netherlands – design by Wiel Arets Architects

6 Jan 2011

Fashion Store Style Suite

Location: Stokstraat, Maastricht, the Netherlands
Dates built: 2003-05
Design: Wiel Arets Architects (WAA)

Style Suite is a multi-brand fashion store located on the Stokstraat in Maastricht, the most exclusive shopping street within the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Even though the building originally consisted of two houses and possesses a fragmented structure on two floors with respectively two axes, there was the intention to display the products for sale in store that would be perceived as a clearly laid out space.

Style Suite Shop Maastricht Style Suite Shop Style Suite Maastricht Fashion Store Style Suite Shop Maastricht
pictures : Jan Bitter

For the benefit of the costumers and as well for the owners’ concise orientation within the interior, a diagonal passage is cut into the existing structure interconnecting the four rooms horizontally. Representative stairs occupying a whole room link the two levels vertically via a space and not only via a required circulation element. As a consequence, the entire dimensions of the store can be perceived at once when entering it.

Considering the range of products and brands it was decided to place all required program, such as display, changing rooms, storage and sanitary within one continuous, homogeneous double wall. The existing walls were cleaned up and painted white, whereas the added layer, an offset under different angels was coated brown. Together with the equal colored floor they designate the space.

Standardized twisted and mirrored units of fiberglass form slots in the offset walls to display accessories and clothes. Using them as indirect light sources they illuminate the products and the space in conjunction with the daylight coming from windows. In the lower floor daylight also enters through a rectangular glass element that is placed in the courtyard behind the building.

Despite of the traditional use of mannequins the store distinguishes itself from its adjacent stores by filling up cloth-rails along the shop windows. By this not only an extraordinary promotion is achieved but also the amount of products has been increased without restricting the quality of the space. A series of white freestanding leather furniture consisting of counter, display units, storage units and seats break down the space and guide the customer along the collections.

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